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David Lewis of St. Catherines, Ontario, has been elected President of Croquet Canada, the official national governing body for the sport in Canada. Croquet Canada is an incorporated non-profit organization and an accredited representative of the World Croquet Federation, whose membership includes more than 30 countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Ireland and Australia.

"Our plans are well along the way for the 7th annual Canadian Open Championships (Cro-Can '96) to be held in June at the Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club in Toronto," said Mr. Lewis. "Entries for the tournament will come from the U.S., Great Britain and from all across Canada," he continued.

"We also have arranged for a series of coaching clinics at venues in Ontario, along with an aggressive program in conjunction with several croquet clubs aimed at increasing membership not only with Croquet Canada, but with many clubs now established in various regions of the country," said Mr. Lewis.

Anne Frost-Robinson, now resident in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is the Canadian representative to the World Croquet Federation. Mrs. Frost-Robinson is the former executive director of the United States Croquet Association. "Croquet in Canada has tremendous potential," says Frost-Robinson. "We hope to increase the awareness of croquet as a sport and bring the level of play across Canada to a more competitive level internationally."

To find out more about Croquet Canada, check out the CROQUET CANADA page on the World Wide Web.


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