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Bob Alman - 1939-2022
Bob Alman, our Croquet World Online editor-and-chief, passed away on March 17, 2022, after a short illness. He was unmatched in bringing the sport, culture and history of croquet to the internet through this online magazine, illuminating croquet to the world as it never had been before. He was very much an "original" and well known in the croquet community all over the world. Bob reflected on his life as it eventually fell into croquet's orbit - or visa versa - in these pages with his "Bob Alman Memoirs". Bob was inducted into the World Croquet Federation Hall of Fame in 2020. He was dedicated and passionate about expanding the sport he loved and has left us a legacy that will continue to enrich the sport of croquet well into the future. For us here at CWO, we have lost a dear friend and we will miss him.

New Zealand responds to Omicron
•  It's the croquet playing country most successful in applying a "zero tolerance" strategy to control the Pandemic. The emergence of a new and virulent strain has led to a more stringent standard for tournaments, as communicated in a six-page letter to all Kiwi croquet players (pdf).

World Federation to publish revision
of Golf Croquet rules in new edition
•  Anyone can learn to play this simple game with satisfaction within minutes, which may help explain how, over the last three decades, this Egyptian-spawned variety has become the most popular form of croquet worldwide. It has made the sport the "social" game needed to increase local club memberships allowing all the players to be on the court at the same time, waiting for their next shot, as one can quickly figure out from this summary. But the official rules must now be "perfected," for a sixth time. It's what world federations do. And it's a chance for everyone in the world to comment and question. So, scan the synopsis. Play a game. Then come up with a question whose answer has not yet been incorporated in these massive rules since their first publication decades ago. If you want to participate in the process, first read the "consultation draft" of the newly revised sixth edition of official Golf Croquet Rules (pdf) to be published in 2022..

Croquet Books Give-Away!
•  A wealthy croquet enthusiast has worked hard for several years to develop and test refinements for the relatively fast-moving games now increasingly favored by croquet club members, and has recruited some top-level help in refining, testing, perfecting, and distributing them. These are NEW BOOKS, newly developed and well tested by top-ranked players at the USCA's National Croquet Center. This announcement is addressed to serious croquet players around the world via croquet's Nottingham Board. See The Game.

A Game Changing Enigma
•  Alice and her companion are puzzled to discover some very strange changes recently in Wonderland. Oh dear! What on earth could have happened? See Letters & Opinion.

GC Rules 6th Edition
Consultation Draft published
•  The Consultation draft for a a sixth edition of Golf Croquet rules has been released, and every member may now comment. The WCF Secretary-General requests member feedback through your club or its Golf Croquet Rules Committee before January 15, 2022. World Croquet Federation Website.

WCF defers action on gender policy
and top-level championships
•  The World Croquet Federation newsletter reports that action on a gender policy has been deferred until 2022, after the Olympics policy is known. Many world championship events are tentatively calendared for 2022-- three in the UK and one at the Victoria Centre in Australia. New Zealand's proposal to reduce the number of singles events has led to a survey of the top 600 players. See the newsletter for details.

Best of the rest--Spain wins
•  The sport of croquet, organized through the World Croquet Federation, has evolved a way to rank the relative playing strength of all the countries who maintain and regulate the games--with periodic 6-person team events in an all-play-all format. The host country, Spain, has defeated the "holder" Wales, denying Wales a spot in the next Tier One event, necessarily limited to four countries. Spain has built the sport the way Jack Osborn built croquet in America--through the elite class. See the event website .

Is Covid at last in retreat?
•  The public press likes to report trends and cycles. The TIMES wonders aloud if an observed two-month cycle in the USA signals a final and universal decline in infections, or just another temporary one that is part of an overall pattern not yet understood. New York Times Newsletter.

Bob Chilton
Bob Chilton, a major benefactor of many worthy causes, passes away following a deadly car crash in West Palm Beach on Sunday night. He was driving home after games at the National Croquet Center. His hometown newspaper in a Dallas suburb rememberd him this way, and CroquetWorld links to one of several articles on his favorite activity, besides croquet: photography.

Debbie Lines succeeds Mulliner
•  After a year backing up Stephen Mulliner, Debbie Lines has taken her place as the first female Secretary-General of the World Croquet Federation, in London. As Debbie Cornelius, she was the top female player a quarter century ago and competed in the MacRobertson Shield and at Sonoma-Cutrer, where the editor of CWOM interviewed her in 1996. See the WCF website. .

Canadians still sharing with bowlers
•  Joining with lawn bowling clubs for mutual benefit has succeeded wherever it has been tried, and Canada led the way decades ago. In the Pandemic era, the safety margin of croquet makes a difference--along with the enterprise of the publisher of 6 Hoops Northwest to put it all together. See. See 6 Hoops Northwest - August 2021 (pdf) .

My life in Art, Part 2
•  PART TWO: John Prince continues and concludes his personal accounting of his post-competitive and still developing career as an artist. See the article and Walk-Though Gallery in See People.

Casting and stroking...
The US Postal service has equated cornhole with toy croquet by including them both in a new stamp series celebrating eight "backyard sports.".

British Open '21 sets records
•  Although the signup was smaller than usual, the British Singles Championship was once again the "virtual world championship,' as Bamford defeated Fulford with multiple sextuples in the finals in early July at England's Surbiton club. See News & Features.

Bamford wins singles final
in British Opens
•  Both Bamford and Fulford had already broken Solomon's long-standing record of ten wins. Each of them had eleven wins going into Sunday's best-of-five final. Bamford enjoys a slight statistical advantage over both Fulford and Paddy Chapman. See Croquet Scores for extended commentaries, line-up, and more.

My life in Art
Words and pictures by John Prince
•  PART ONE: John Prince is surely the sport's most visible artist, published often in these cyberpages. This accounting of his development as an artist was completed as easily as was his earlier croquet memoir, one of the most popular articles published here. See People.

Building clubs with simpler games
•  Canadian players in Victoria are making the most of their year-round playing season by simplifying an extremely interactive game to attract more members to the lawns shared with bowlers. See Victoria Croquet Story (pdf).

Croquet Genesis
•  "Ten Years of the Open" is the way Mike Orgill titled this piece, published in the 1993 San Francisco Open tournament program. We agreed it was a work of genius, from the long-ago when croquet really was "the fastest growing sport in America." See The Game.

Northampton vs Peterborough
•  They are forty miles apart, in central England, and their now-annual best-of-nine interclub match will decide how they will all pronounce England's River Nene--but there's always next year. See the
Bulletin Board.

Improving your stroke
with Inspired Practice
•  Dan Pailas practices rigorously and teaches with the same intensity because, he tells students, "If you love what you're doing, you want to be the best you can be." See People.

Association Croquet New Rules
•  More than a decade in the making, these new rules and commentaries bring the game completely up to date in 2021. See the official World Croquet Federal Website.

USCA AC Nationals
SARASOTA, April 10--17
•  Sarasota County Croquet Club hosted the National Championship of Association Croquet, which ended Saturday. Jeff Soo won the singles in three games, and Matthew Essick prevailed in doubles with partner Charlie Xavier. Photo by Bob van Tassel. See the Bulletin Board.

Advantage Golf Croquet trials
•  Although Golf Croquet has become the dominant form of the sport, no uniform method of handicapping has been applied. But now a WCF working party have devised a proposed method based on an Irish model which maintains the basic rules and the 13-point, first-to-seven game. Players everywhere are invited to try it out in 2021 and report their experience to the World Croquet Federation.

New Zealand champion
Paul Skinley dies in Wellington
When the announcement of the death of a most unusual champion was reported on the Nottingham Board, much comment was generated from fellow players and friends. See News & Features.

GC regionals at NCC
West Palm Beach, April 22-26
•  Everyone with expertise from any region or locale may play in the 3-flight Florida Regional Championships of Golf Croquet in late April at America's premier facility, in West Palm Beach. See the American Bulletin Board.

Croquet painting for 21 million?
The public auction was at Sotheby's New York. The painting is described by some auction hounds as a direct consequence of "cancel culture," but no one speaks against the sale price. See the Phaidon website.

Part Four: The Alman Memoir
Organizing the Florida Center
•  Great expectations were actualized in programs and events jointly planned by Bob Alman with Chuck Steuber and Archie Peck--only to be terminally skewed after about nine months. See People.

2021 begins
with scarcity and hope
•  Of course 2021 will be better than 2020, eventually. But in the winter and spring, in most of the world, scarcity of supplies and equipment creates medical desperation while vaccinations lag. See Letters & Opinion.

So who really won?
•  The most contentious presidential election in US history was settled with a political deal that gave the underdog Republican the office over a Democrat with more votes. Croquet plays a part in this strangely familiar 12-year-old story. See News & Features.

Interviewing "Dorothy Rush"
•  The infamous prognostications of Mrs. Rush are plumbed by her discoverer in this manicured Croquet Gazette reprint from the year 2000. See People.

Spectacular new Website!
•  Championship player Paddy Chapman has invested enormous labor and expertise to create a sophisticated contemporary online learning site everyone can understand and appreciate, from beginners to advanced players. Explore it at CroquetDev.

Nottingham Club Expands, Improves
•  Expanding from 5 lawns to 9, England's Nottingham Club seeks crowdfunding to refurbish a long-disused 90-year-old pavillion, with additional support from Sport England. See the Bulletin Board.

NC's Pinehurst courts imperiled
•  The site of many international and national events in the US will have to move to make room for a new hotel. It's a done deal, but croquet spokesperson Jim Spoonhour has been promised "another site" within the complex. From Sandhills Sentinel.

Tony Hall's croquet memoir
•  PART ONE: Discovering croquet after retirement from the army in 1989, the Australian embarked upon a globe-trotting lifestyle which would segue into the presidency of the world body for the sport, at a critical time in its development. See People.

Croquet Matters Newsletter
•  The October issue of New Zealand's monthly is exceptional only by showing how "normal" the sport of croquet can be. It also lauds the achievements of Greg Bryant, Chris Clarke, and Edmund Fordyce. See Croquet Matters.

The art of Balls and Mallets
•  These exquisite renderings exceed the game of Alice on acid. Make sure to visit the Virtual Gallery for a room-full of the imaginings of artists in wood. From Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Fire at Smith-Madrone
•  Charlie Smith's brother Stu's riveting account of saving their family winery sketches all the dimensions of the problem, lauds the fire-fighters, and shines a light on the future of forest management. From

Smoking ruins in the morning
•  It's when the fires in the vicinity of Meadowood Resort are still smoldering, realizing that nobody expected it as people are wondering, "What happens now?" From ABC7 in San Francisco..

Meadowood burning
•  That was roughly the title of four emails I opened after returning from an early dinner in West Palm Beach. Not just Meadowood, but countless square miles of Napa Valley, including St. Helena and Calistoga Ranch and much more, being consumed by an uncontrolled fire.
See News & Features

•  While croquet proceeds unabated--in the US as well as around the world--the USCA Management Committee suspended all national title events until 2021. See News & Features.

Championship at Chesapeake Bay
•  Near-perfect media coverage for the American national championship in Virginia includes a link to a two-minute TV spot with drone shots, featuring a young player ranked #3 in the world. From WTKR.

"Let's have a ball!"
•  Only in America would the Palm Beach way of raising significant money for the sport be done this way; but it still succeeds in the only country in the world where croquet is regarded as a rich man's sport. See News & Features.

•  In 2020, government regulations permit singles only at Cheltenham in September, but postponement of all WCF events has made it once again the world standard for excellence in Association Croquet. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet in the time of Covid
•  With three lawns and regulations limiting lawn capacity to four players, club innovators are designing events that fit into the space and time allotted; the plan at Tunbridge Wells features shorter games, for everyone. See The Game.

When will Sonoma-Cutrer
re-start its croquet programs?
•  The setting was perfect, and the lawns as well, when the owners went out on a limb in the late 80's to produce the first world championship in the sport. See News & Features.

Rethinking WCF events, 2021-23
•  The WCF Secretary-General announced on the Nottingham Board that many events upcoming have been rescheduled, some needing new hosts and all subject to future circumstances. See Forum Bulletin Board.

UK Croquet in Perspective
•  The history and development of lawnsports, including croquet, is evidenced at many of England's treasured sites. See National Trust Website .

"I can't breathe"
•  A knee on my neck or a novel virus in my lungs threatens my life; but I can still play croquet to celebrate "re-opening" around the world.
See News & Features

Surge in UK set sales
•  The pandemic helps to explain a huge surge in croquet set sales in the UK. From London's Sunday Times .

Quantifying Golf Croquet
•  With the Cowing Performance Analysis tool an improving player can continue to progress in Golf Croquet by measurable increments in practice, and in tournament results. See The Game.

C.B. Smith, 1923-2020
•  He sparked the Beverly Hill Croquet Club's transition from a Hollywood phenomenon to a world-class sporting club in the late 1980s and 90s and loved to surprise opponents with his own theatricality. See People.

Closed Victoria Centre
facing severe cash shortfalls
•  A devastating 20-page report of Victoria Croquet's new treasurer calls for the immediate furlough of the two staff members and forecasts potentially insurmountable problems ahead for the 12-court jewel of the sport in Australia. See News & Features.

Cresting the Wave
•  A new reality could be the saving grace of humanity in a world where everyone is joyfully, safely and confidently united, without physical or emotional barriers, beyond consideration of class or status. It's possibility glimpsed in vast and empty public spaces much too small to accommodate such a transformation. See Letters & Opinion.

The US leads the world in
confirmed Corona Virus cases
•  Political vitriol escalates in tandem with official counts and predictions while every day in most countries, restrictive measures grow more severe as croquet players react. See News & Features.

World Federation tentative
in maintaining 2020 schedule
•  With Tier One of the Golf Croquet World Championship recently completed in Australia, the WCF plans for Tier Two in Spain in May and Tier Three in England in July, followed by the Women's Association Croquet World Championship in New Zealand in November, but warns the schedule may be altered, pending developments. See the WCF newsletter.

The world waits and worries
•  South Florida is at the epicenter of the effects of public prudence, with cancellation of all major public events and croquet events as well. See News & Features.

Croxit: Croquet after Brexit
•  According to the Brit who created and manages the Liverpool Croquet Club, the sport no longer can serve as an escape from the politics and the climate of a newly fragmented globe. See Letters & Opinion.

World Championship Videos
•  Excellent videos of the complete final games of Bamford and Essick in the world championship at the Victoria Centre in Australia include expert commentary.

•  The present editor, Bob Alman, is looking for a replacement in any of the English-speaking countries. See details on the Forum Bulletin Board.

Association World Championship
Victoria, Australia, Feb 15-23
•  Reg Banford won his fifth Association Croquet world title by defeating young American Matthew Essick in four games in the finals match. See the Bulletin Board.

A chat with David McCoy
•  He's guy who in 2007-08 rescued the National Croquet Center from an almost certain demise and is still working hard behind the scenes to guarantee its future. See People.

USA Pro tour organized for 2020
•  The organizers have have begun by scheduling events for May and June at Chesapeake Bay and Pinehurst, promising purses for all the players. See Croquet Network for details.

Golf Croquet World Teams
South Island, NZ, January 6-12
•  The "youth squad" of New Zealand engineered a stunning come-from-behind victory over a highly seasoned elite team from Egypt. Third place went to England, fourth to USA. See the Bulletin Board.

Australia fires report
•  Croquet players exchange news and views on the fires which experts predict may not be under control until May, as both animal and plant life are being wiped out. See the Bulletin Board.

Alman Memoir, Part Three:
Moving to South Florida
•  For a year or so, the Florida work was incremental. Finally, he saw that managing the National Croquet Center was what he had been preparing for, for years. In People.

America has a new wunderkind
•  Blake Fields just turned 13, and already he is playing in major finals of Golf Croquet and competing well in Association Croquet. See People.

World Champ Plays in Oakland
•  The reporter gives an honest account of his game with an appropriately modest Ben Rothman on a bowling lawn at Lake Merritt. See the San Francisco Chronicle.

Has Golf Croquet
taken over the sport?
•  After examining the statistics and trends of major countries tracking the 'crisis', we propose some radical interim solutions. See Letters & Opinion.

Solomon Trophy Matches
North Carolina, October 1-4
•  Great Britain retained the trophy despite lagging throughout in most of the vital stats, winning with a final score of 11 matches to 9 in the best-of-21 match series. See the Bulletin Board for reports.

Across the moat
•  The game includes a lot more than croquet at the Bishop's Palace, an English medieval site with a central lawn that animates the space for visitors and players alike. In News & Features.

The Club
•  It's the smallest common denominator for the people who want to play croquet together. We chose just one of them, in Australia, to represent in words and pictures what it takes to make the club flourish. See News & Features.

Remembering Neil Spooner
•  Rhys Thomas recalls the highs and lows of Neil Spooner's life, and especially his time at Sonoma-Cutrer in California, teaching us our own game. See People.

Golf Croquet World Championship
England, July 27 - August 4
•  In a stunning turn-around, losing two-to-one, American Ben Rothman replayed his resurrection in the semi-final against Freeth, taking the final two games to win the best-of-five match against the Egyptian contender, Mohammed Karem. See the Bulletin Board.

•  The early and most influential imported American pro shaped the Sonoma-Cutrer World Championship and profoundly influenced the way the USCA game is played. See his three-part memoir on Croquet World.

Quadways in America
•  This remarkable hoop system is now accessible to top players everywhere, so the question now becomes: Will it see widespread adoption in local clubs around the world? See The Game.

Bob Alman Memoir
Part Two
•  Reinventing himself and setting out into the world, he organizes America's first two-court club on public turf. See People.

Spanish International Opens
Vista Hermosa, June 10-15
•  This Golf Croquet event attracted some of the star players of the game and concluded with Reg Bamford's defeat in match play by the native Spanish star, Jose Riva. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet Day: June 8, 2019
•  There's a spottily observed World Croquet Day and many national Croquet Days. But the truth is that any person in the world can declare and celebrate this sport, anywhere, any time. See Letters & Opinion.

What is Howard Sosin's game?
•  He likes to figure things out and made a fortune inventing financial derivatives in the early 90's. Now he creates and perfects new croquet variations--including "Peel Croquet"--in a games laboratory with top players at the National Croquet Center. See News & Features.

The day the movie people came
Part Two, England
•  With most of the CANNON SHOT documentary edited and in the can, the guys go to England for their last interview, with a certified expert on everything about croquet. See News & Features.

Croquet Innovations #2
South Florida, March 26-31
•  World Champion Paddy Chapman took the title in Peel Croquet at the National Croquet Center, while Pete Trimmer defeated American Ben Rothman in the finals of Two-Shot Golf Croquet. See the Bulletin Board.

USCA AC Nationals
Sarasota, March 24-30
•  Stephen Morgan played his way to the top of the USCA's national championship of Association Croquet in both singles and doubles. See the Bulletin Board.

•  This article about croquet at upscale communities in Jacksonville and North Carolina is surprisingly accurate, although it hardly mentions the growth of the sport in public venues. See the Wall Street Journal.

USCA Croquet Week
Florida, March 8-17
•  The Beach Club edged out New York and the National Croquet Center for the large-club Lyons Trophy, while David McCoy paired with club pro David Bent won championships doubles. See complete results of the three-flight annual on the Bulletin Board.

Magical transforming hoops
•  Jiminy Wicket -- pairing seniors with youngsters--is expanding from Denver with corporate and institutional support to more cities, and even to England. See News & Features.

CROQUET WORLD ONLINE: New Owner, New Editor, New Era!
•  This magazine has been given to the Croquet Foundation of America in concert with its redesign and further development under an English editorship. See News & Features.

Golf Croquet Womens World
New Zealand, Feb 2-9, 2019
•  Egyptians dominated the main knockout ladder, with Soha Mostafa defeating Manal Khoudier in four games of the best-of-five finals. See the Bulletin Board.

A deadly croquet Situation
•  You think you can clearly see and understand the fine line that separates a game from reality. But that line turns out to be completely invisible in the life-or-death case of a Situation. See Letters & Opinion.

Droning the croquet courts
•  Small and inexpensive drones carrying cameras provide more compelling access than Google Earth to overviews of croquet clubs around the globe. See News & Features.

•  Ten teams contest the event in scrappy play at the National Croquet Center in the fourth edition of this national event. See the Bulletin Board.

The day the movie people came
Part One, Florida
•  It turned out to be two days: the first to scout the place and the second to film; they spent a lot of time with the pro and with Bob Alman. See News & Features.

USCA Seniors & Masters
West Palm Beach, Nov 7-11
•  Huneycutt won Senior singles,Cardo/Chilton took the championship trophy in the combined Seniors/Masters doubles events, and Bob Chilton will be the first name on the perpetual trophy for the best performance by a "Super Masters" player, that is, over 80. See complete finalist results on the Bulletin Board.

Letters to the Club
•  This collective memoir from members of the San Francisco Croquet Club in its glory years may say as much about the generics of remembered youth as about the sport. See People.

Over-50 Golf Croquet Worlds
Cairo, Egypt, October 6-13
•  Stephen Mulliner provides a riveting account of the world championship, played in Egypt among masters of the sport, and won by an Egyptian woman. See the Bulletin Board.

American Rules Nationals
Chesapeake Bay, Oct 7-13
•  Danny Huneycutt is national champion again, and Jeff Soo takes doubles with Canadian partner Brian Cumming. See the Bulletin Board.

Games, Courts, and Lawns:
casual, serious, & ideal
•  The editor compiles a photo essay illustrating the extreme range of courts and games in "croquet", as top-ranked players describe their ideal courts for serious competition. See Letters & Opinion.

Synthetic surfaces
in New Zealand
•  Chris and Jenny Clarke try out a new artificial court in a Christchurch retirement community that plays well, even for jump shots. See The Game.

USCA Golf Croquet Nationals
North Carolina, Sept 19-23
•  Abdelwahab takes it all in the national championship, winning both both doubles and singles in a tough field of an over-subscribed tournament. See the Bulletin Board.

GC or AC:
A peace proposal
•  The global schism between Golf Croquet and Association Croquet endangers the future of the sport; a radical interim solution is proposed. See The Game.

R.I.P., Mik Mehas
•  He became croquet's celebrated "bad boy" when the sport needed publicity. This recollection of Rhys Thomas is largely about how Mehas created and managed his own legend. See People.

Solomon Trophy teams
England, August 7-10
•  Midday on the final day of the International Test, Great Britain posted the winning match, scoring a 12-5 win against the US. See the Bulletin Board.

The SHAFTMASTER of Connecticut
•  The owner of Norwich Croquet Company details his unlikely--but reasonable and thorough--advance into contemporary mallet design and beyond. See News & Features.

Do women equal men?
•  No, they don't, either in learning patterns or in competitive results. This editorial examines why that is, explores the exceptions, and asks how and whether the situation needs to be remedied See Letters & Opinion.

Part Three, Spooner Memoir
•  The heart of the adventure includes seven years at Sonoma-Cutrer, winning and managing other croquet tournaments, and finally returning to Australia. See People.

Part Two, Spooner Memoir
•  Spooner's buddies saw him restored to respectability by the ACA in the 80's, with sufficient player creds to get him invited to America to manage the sport at Sonoma-Cutrer. See People.

Part One, by Neil Spooner
•  An extraordinary Australian champion details the journey through life and croquet that would lead to a remarkable career as one of America's first imported pros. See People.

The Bob Alman Memoir
•  This third-person fragment by the founding editor of this magazine could serve as a "how to" for other and more distinguished croquet personalities still alive, breathing, and remembering. See Part One in People.

Picturing the sport
•  John Prince augments his three-part "Life in Croquet" with vividly recorded sketches of places, persons, and events both real and imagined. See News & Features.

USCA Club Teams
National Center, March 14-18
•  The finals turned out to be something never seen in the top flight of a major American Rules tournament: Mixed Doubles! See the Bulletin Board.

Good News/Bad News
•  The bottom line: both the sport and the USCA have survived and prospered, as America has joined the rest of the world in a global sport that is finally--and proudly--middle class. See Letters & Opinion.

USCA AC Nationals
Mission Hills, Feb 18-24,
•  Jeff Soo is once again the Association Croquet champion, and Rich Lamm took doubles with partner Brian Cumming. See the Bulletin Board.

World Championship, Feb 3-11
Wellington, New Zealand
•  Paddy Chapman wins his first world title against Reg Bamford in an epic five-game finals match. See the Bulletin Board.

Tracking Camera debuts
at World Championship
•  Jim Nicholls demonstrates the new "Soloshot" tracking camera from Wellington, a technology that ushers in a new era in live visual coverage of major croquet events. See News & Features.

Lighting the Courts
•  As club membership grows, one way to maximize playing space without building more courts is to extend the playing time beyond twilight--with the aid of court lighting. See News & Features.

The story of deadness
•  After decades of scholarship, research, academic reports, and speculation on the subject, a magazine writer brings together all the elements into a rationally conjectured complete narrative. See The Game.

Backyard genesis story
•  A typical and absolutely unique happenstance in Colorado sparks the creation of a croquet club on "found turf" in the desert. See The Game.

Royal interloper
•  Princess Charlotte's tennis lessons at Hurlingham are generating complaints from members who once refused admittance to the exclusive London club to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. From Business Insider.

USCA Seniors & Masters
Florida, November 14-19, 2017
•  The highest winning score in the eight timed finals was Dick Scherf's 17 in First Flight singles. Other singles champions were Rick Sheely, David Ekstrom, Arthur Olson, and Bobbie Duryea. See the Bulletin Board.

Slow-motion video refereeing
•  It's still in the trial-and-discussion phase, but one American Rules tournament has found it surprisingly useful and easy to do. See The Game.

American Rules Nationals
California, November 5-11
•  Sherif Abdelwahab won his first American Rules national championship, while tournament director took doubles with partner Richard Lamm. See the Bulletin Board.

The Croquet Apocalypse
•  While the world changes around them, older players fail to adjust to the faster pace of life in the Internet age or to recruit younger players into the sport. See Letters & Opinion.

Northern California Fire Spares
Sonoma-Cutrer, Meadowood
•  Mike Orgill reports from the middle of the unprecedented fires sweeping across Northern California and impacts on players and staff. See the Forum.

World Championship players
•  Complete selections for the February 2018 event in New Zealand have been announced by the World Croquet Federation. See the Bulletin Board.

South African Frontier
•  An ambitious new croquet club east of Cape Town is promoting itself and the region with a new website and a broad appeal. See Greyton brochure, our doctored document..

Irma's Hurricane Diary
September 2017, Florida
•  The record-breaking storm will affect the entire state and everyone in it--including our editor in West Palm Beach. See the Forum.

"Aussie Croquet" catching on?
•  A surge of popularity in the new game has led to further clarification in the rules and the first club championship, in North Carolina. See The Game Department.

USCA Golf Croquet Eights
Sarasota, Oct. 20-23, 2017
•  America's first-ever Golf Croquet Eights will be played over four days in Florida on Sarasota's six courts--and you have to apply very soon! See the Bulletin Board.

Chesapeake Bay CC debuts
•  Rave reviews abound for a new 8-court club in its first full season as a newly invented model for club development. See News & Features.

•  No national association sanctions it, but its popularity is growing, and we can explain why. See The Game Department.

British Open Photographs
•  Photographer Andrew Moss spent a day at Hurlingham in London and shares his outsider's view of the sport with the croquet world. See Open Croquet.

Home Court Advantage
•  Now you can spot all the boundary drop-offs before you ever play at their British club, with the aid of new range-finding technology potentially available to everyone. See the Oxford Croquet Site.

The out player
•  The self-described mascot of the losing British players at the recent world teams discovers an added element of entertainment in one of the world's slowest sports. See The Game.

Croquet Day: June 4
•  It's the official day for celebrating the sport in England, publicized with a new promotional video produced at the Nottingham club. See the BBC website.

Re-Languaging the rules
•  The merging of two separate streams of development in the 80's created a polyglot of persisting differences in Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. See The Game.

Open season for politics
•  Non-Tory voters hide among the vocal majority at Wells Cathedral while the bishop scores a ceremonial Rover to open the croquet season. From the Guardian.

MacRobertson Shield teams
California - April 18 to May 5
•  Australia took back the Shield they lost in 1935, establishing the final order, with England second, New Zealand third, and the US fourth. See the Bulletin Board.

Joe Hogan back at the top
•  The first WCF world champion of the sport has qualified for the Kiwi team assembling in Palm Springs for the ultimate team event of the sport. From the Gisborne Herald.

USCA National Championship, AC
South Florida, April 2-8
•  Stephen Morgan defeated Jeff Soo in the singles final and with Huneycutt took doubles in three from Soo and Lawrence. See the Bulletin Board.

•  Long the national model for public club development, the Sarasota County Croquet Club, with six full-sized courts, can now host major national and international events. See News & Features.

Golf Croquet World Championship
Australia, Feb 25 - March 5
•  Reg Bamford regained his world title by a razor-thin margin over Egypt's Ahmed Nasr in Sunday's best-of-five finals. See the Bulletin Board.

•  Mike Orgill explores one of a handful of the sport's essential sites: the go-to resource for Association Croquet. See Letters & Opinion.

Under 21 Golf Croquet Worlds
Victoria, Australia, Feb 18-22
•  The knockout--six Kiwis, one Aussie, and one Egyptian--was a triumph of Greg Bryant's decade of work in the New Zealand school system, won by Felix Webby. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet at Mar-a-Lago
•  The front lawn of Donald Trump's "winter white house" accommodates several reduced-size courts, where members of the National Croquet Center once played as "limited reciprocal members." See photos from the Strait Times.

Mallet Mania
•  The writer's croquet adventure has taken him through many mallets in a couple of decades, some of which have now become paperweights. See News & Features.

World Teams Championships
April 18 - May 4, 2017
•  All four six-player teams have been selected for the Ryder Cup of croquet, to be played at Mission Hills Country Club in Southern California. See the Bulletin Board.

My romance with photography
•  An American photographer and croquet player exploits the tricks and tools of PhotoShop to "paint" an idealized vision of many subjects, including croquet. See Letters & Opinion.

Two decades later
•  Mike Orgill and Bob Alman interview each other again, twenty years after this magazine began, survey the changes in the sport worldwide, and agonize over the global ascendancy of Trumpism. See People.

Your perfect event: Part Two
•  Why is the element of time still pervasive in America at all levels of play? In England, clock time plays little role in classic weekend competitions fashioned especially for high-level players of working age. See News & Features.

•  The editor photographs the National Croquet Center before and after Matthew and during the 2016 USCA National American Rules Championship. See Bulletin Posting.

USCA National Championships
Palm Beach, October 9-15
•  The National Croquet Center, hardly touched by Matthew, has never been in better shape to host 40 players in South Florida's season opener. See Bulletin Posting.

Your perfect event, Part One
•  Sponsored Golf Croquet programs for novices generates club revenue in Australia; in South Florida, the "Golf Croquet Champion of Champions Invitational" seeks new underwriting. See News & Features.

Croquet Dome planned
for world's biggest club
•  A ground-breaking design has encouraged the National Croquet Center to announce firm plans for covering its three lighted courts with an all-weather dome. See News & Features.

New at the Centres!
•  Different/better/more and new all combine to improve the only 12-court facilities in the world, on opposite sides of the globe. See our picture story in News & Features.

Youngest player excels
•  Edmund Fordyce, youngest of two New Zealand teenagers in the world championship, competed despite tremendous health obstacles. Picture story from the New York Times.

British Opens Championship
Cheltenham, England, July 2-9
•  Ben Rothman becomes the first American singles victor in the British Opens by defeating Samir Patel and Jeff Soo takes the Plate in two straight over Jeff Dawson. See the Bulletin Board.

24th Solomon Trophy Matches
Bowdon, England, June 28-31
•  Great Britain won the test on Day Three, racking up a final score of 17-4 on the final day. See the Bulletin Board for links to summaries and commentary by James Hawkins..

The problem
with old people
•  There are way too many of them. What can be done? See Letters & Opinion.

Oxford University Cuppers
Oxford, April 20-June 25
•  Dr. Ian Plummer reports, with photos, on the sport's biggest organised competition at the quarter-final stage, on courts with tighter hoops. See the Bulletin Board.

Ponte Vedra's 'AZ Closed'
•  An American tournament classic that refuses to die after losing its main court starts a new tradition with a portable competition, in North Florida. See News & Features.

GC World Team Championships
England - May 15-21, 2016
•  New Zealand upset Egypt 7-5 as England easily bested Ireland for third, and the US, Sweden, and South Africa all preserved their places in Tier One for the next World Teams. See the Bulletin Board.

The McDonnell Tapes
•  Mike Orgill's interview with the pioneer of California croquet who shaped the historic emergence of Sonoma-Cutrer and Meadowood is linked to other voices of the time. See News & Features.

Croquet World Championship
Palm Beach, April 16-24
•  The oldest ever finalists--both 62--had to play five games to decide the championship. Stephen Mulliner of England defeated American pro David Maloof under lights. See Bulletin Board.

World Championship Qualifier
Palm Beach, April 11-14
•  Amid much excitement as players arrived for the main event, eight qualifiers emerged from the field of 18 aspirants. See the Bulletin Board.

Photographing the partnership
•  Collaboration, capitulation, conflict are all dynamics of playing with another person, and sound communication can lay the path to victory. See Letters & Opinion.

USCA Club Teams
Palm Beach, March 16-20
•  Abdelwahab/Knuth defeated Wassink/Carbo in Championship Finals, while West River Wickets topped the First Division to win the Lyons Trophy. See Bulletin Board.

How old is "too old"?
•  Statistically, it's just a number. Individually, most aging champions continue to compete in events that test not only their skill but also their motivation and endurance. See The Game Department.

Tyranny of the clock?
I don't think so.
•  Bert Myer argues that time--and winning--are all that matters. See Letters & Opinion.

The bugaboo of time
•  Time of all sorts--game time, stroke time, match time--is sometimes necessary in croquet competitions, but there are ways to mitigate the tyranny of the clock. Letters & Opinion.

Robert Fletcher speaks
•  One of four young croquet-playing brothers in Australia has joined Fulford and Bamford at the top of the sport's pantheon of great champions. See The Saturday Paper.

My Hall of Fame speech
•  Our editor writes an off-the-podium speech about the three inductees into the 2015 Croquet Foundation of America's Hall of Fame. People.

USCA Seniors & Masters
Palm Beach, November 3-7
•  Local players topped the Championship flights in this big event with many good players from the West, while out-of-towners prevailed in the lower flights. See the Bulletin Board.

USCA Selection Eights
October 22-25, South Florida
•  Jeff Soo reports on the complete final results--including 30 triples. See Bulletin Board for periodic updates.

Selecting the Golf Croquet team
•  A major tournament and fundraiser in North Carolina looks like an ideal prototype for a future "Golf Croquet Selection Eights" selection event. See News & Features.

Lord Tollemache's Croquet
•  Mike Orgill pays tribute to an Edwardian who advocated controversial changes in the game, and penned the definitive croquet book of his time. The Game Department.

Cash prize for croquet writing!
•  Annually, the best paper citing the Arkley online art collection donated in 2011 to the University of British Columbia will earn its author $1,000. See contest terms (pdf).

Association Croquet
outlawed in America!
•  In the late 80's, the president of the USCA declared the International game unfit for the American psyche. See News & Features.

Croquet in South Africa
•  After a sudden decline in synch with radical shifts in the political culture, the sport is back--with some notable differences. See News & Features.

Carpet Croquet for the Seniors
•  Combine senior care with free enterprise and the new definition of corporate rights in America and you get a virulent malady that might be incurable. See Letters & Opinion.

Women's AC World Championship
Nottingham, July 25 - Aug 1
•  Miranda Chapman is the new champion, blanking opponent Gabrielle Higgins in the fifth and tie-breaking game of the match. See the Bulletin Board.

The Death of Croquet
•  Britain's Angry Man takes on the mainstream press for their "Silly Season" coverage of croquet around the recent British Opens. See Letters & Opinion.

The Growth of Croquet
•  By interviewing real croquet players, visiting actual clubs, and compiling authentic statistics, BBC contradicts the "Silly Season" newspaper stories. See BBC News video.

Painting the boundaries
•  The shift from string to paint not even imagined in North America just a few years ago is now gaining national momentum. See The Game Department.

Wimbledon's croquet heritage
•  This major tennis venue started solely for croquet has expanded its court capacity to three lawns at an adjacent property. From the New York Times.

The British Open
July 4-12, Surbiton
•  It was a great day for seasoned champions: Fulford won singles over Chapman in two games, and Bamford/Rothman took doubles over Fulford and Clarke in three. See Bulletin Board.

USCA GC National Championship
Lake Toxaway, NC, June 24-27
•  Ben Rothman steam-rolled through singles and took doubles with partner Sherif Abdelwahab, defeating Huneycutt and Dincer. See the Bulletin Board.

The language of croquet
•  How fluently do you speak croquet? Here's a basic vocabulary from a professor's blog on the Oxford University Press website.

Living a big dream in KC
•  On a hillside near Kansas City, Matt Griffith is perfecting his one-lawn club, with "full capacity" measured by growing revenue, more and bigger parties, and personal satisfaction. See News & Features.

Facts for Vanity Fair
•  Checking the facts as requested by a mainstream publication can be as instructive and much more fun than the run-of-the-mill article they publish. See News & Features.

A guide to Pippa's guide!
•  This review of Pippa Middleton's VANITY FAIR article, by a Boston critic, isn't nearly as kind as our own, published two days ago. See Huffington Post.

The Solomon at Pinehurst
•  This remarkably accurate mainstream press portrait of croquet at the 2015 Solomon matches includes a slide show gallery. From the News & Observer.

23rd Solomon Trophy Matches
Pinehurst, May 8 - May 11, 2015
•  The final score was Great Britain 15, USA 6. See the Bulletin Board for details.

Youth power soars
in New Zealand
•  Greg Bryant's pioneering campaign to establish self-replicating Youth Squads in New Zealand is already making an impact after only two years. See News & Features.

USCA National Championships
South Florida, April 26 - May 2
•  In best-of-three finals, Jeff Soo and Brian Cumming took doubles from David Maloof and Jim Bast, while Maloof beat Soo in singles. See the Bulletin Board.

History of Golf Croquet
•  Ray Hall compiles existing English-language sources and adds new details in a still-incomplete account to encourage more research. See The Game.

Seven Courts at Ponte Vedra!
•  The third-largest all-for-croquet facility in America, in north Florida, is also the first anywhere to be planned, financed, built, and managed by one person. See News & Features.

USCA Club Teams
Palm Beach, March 17-22
•  David Bent and Chuck Loving won the Championship flight, while the NCC and Bombay shared top club honors. See the Bulletin Board.

Keith Wylie and Me
•  Mike Orgill explores Wylie's Expert Croquet Tactics thirty years after the publication of the ground-breaking book and his first review. See Letters & Opinion.

A Singular Case
Of Fictional Doubles
•  Managing an event in Wonderland naturally includes finding exotic solutions to fantastic problems. In Letters & Opinion.

At the Kiwi Croquet Club
•  The writer of this unusually balanced story about local club croquet reports fact, experience, and opinion in one lively account. See the New Zealand Herald.

Golf Croquet World Championship
New Zealand, February 7-15
•  Ahmed El Mahdi defeats fellow Egyptian Hamy Erian in five games to win the top trophy. The best-of-five match contests Hamy Erian against Ahmed El Mahdi. Se the Bulletin Board.

The First Sextuple
•  The legendary John Prince of New Zealand describes the first one ever done in competition, more than 15 months before Wylie wowed the British with his own. See The Game.

Through Hoops to Hope
•  For establishing inter-generational croquet programs in United Kingdom high schools, Jiminy Wicket has won a national award. See Rutland Times.

Steve Johnston: 1940 - 2015
•  A beloved croquet booster and long-time supporter of the American International Team has passed away in Jacksonville. See Florida Times-Union.

2014 Grand Prix final
•  Jeff Soo emerged as winner, followed by Ben Rothman, barely edging out Bob van Tassel. Track the new 2015 game here.

Nottingham club funded
•  He's the head honcho of the historic 9-court croquet complex at Nottingham and also the creator of croquet's main news-feed, the Nottingham Board. See People.

The two biggest stars
of 20th Century croquet
•  Two American show business personalities outshone all others, and a fast-growing club in the Southwest has successfully adapted their freewheeling style in public spaces. From the book "Murder, Mystery and Croquet." See News & Features.

USCA Golf Croquet Nationals
California - Dec 8-13
•  Ben Rothman defeated David Bent in two games in the singles final, and with partner Sherif Abdelwhab prevailed in doubles against Bent and Leo McBride of Canada. See the Bulletin Board.

Talking with the new champ
•  Tournament Director Tim King chats with the winner of the Women's World Championship of Golf Croquet in Cairo on the morning after the final. See People.

Golf Croquet Women's World
Cairo, November 16 - 21
•  Judith Hanekom of South Africa defeated Jenny Clarke of New Zealand in the fifth game of the best-of-five final match. See the Bulletin Board.

Interviewing Jeff Soo
•  Croquet's all-time leader in American-rules national titles believes he hasn't peaked yet as a player. See People.

USCA Seniors & Masters
Palm Beach, November 11-16
•  Peter Just defeated Dick Bracket in the Seniors final, while Fred Jones took the Masters trophy for the fifth time; and the Bobs were triumphant in doubles. See the Bulletin Board.

Match-play one-ball rules
•  Samir Patel's invention for novices combines the croquet strokes of Association Croquet and the scoring sequence of Golf Croquet--and it's fun! From the Oxford Croquet site.

John Solomon: 1931-2014
•  See the Telegraph's obituary for one of the sport's greatest figures; and our Williams interview with John Solomon.

USCA Selection Eights
Palm Beach, Oct 23-26
•  The usual suspects have gathered in five graded groups of eight to round-robin twice at the National Croquet Center. See the Bulletin Board.

Liverpool Project V--
Overcoming growing pains
•  James Hawkins has created an ideal croquet club in Liverpool -- and learned what he has to do to get members next season. In News & Features.

USCA National Championships
West Palm Beach, Oct 5-11
•  Rothman nailed down another singles trophy, while Soo and Lamm dispatched McBride and van Tassel in doubles. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet in the Zombie Apocalypse
•  A Secular Humanist radicalized by current events in the Middle East invites you to ask: "What can one person do to make a difference?"- in Letters & Opinion.

The Secs-Gen vote is in!
•  The lopsided vote resembles actual official voting even more than expected. We include with the numbers various comments both voters and non--voters sent in. See the Forum.

"Croquet Management" online
•  The 1995 classic by Gaunt and Wheeler is now online, thanks to Ian Plummer's work in converting this comprehensive checklist of "to-do's" for event managers. See Oxford Croquet website.

Battle of the Secs-Gen
•  Highlights of the bruising debate, blow by nasty blow, are reproduced in streamlined fashion from the Nottingham Board, to better enable you, the reader, to vote on who actually won: Chris Clarke or Stephen Mulliner. See Letters & Opinion.

The upsets you won't forget
•  It's happened to just about everyone--Reg Bamford and Jeff Soo included--and you may still relive those moments in the middle of sleepless nights. See Letters & Opinion.

Barefoot Croquet Could be Cool
•  Barefoot bowls has become a pop cultural phenomenon at many of Australia's 2000 bowling facilities, some shared with croquet clubs. From the BBC News Sydney.

Croquet back in Brooklyn Heights?
•  Style and panache, flirting guaranteed on unkempt grass, and virtually no expense could be the right recipe for croquet's revival as the Brooklyn Croquet and Hunt Club. Get both the old and new story by clicking the links. From the 2014 New York Times.

The USA Hard-court Eight
•  The official name of the event was the Pasadena Invitational, but the idea was generated by US players stung by their drubbing in Christchurch at the quadrennial MacRob in January, and the eight players invited were mostly present or former International team members. See News & Features.

Golf Croquet Update
•  It's still working--for local clubs and resort communities, if not for the USCA; and the Management Committee is determined to find a way for this recipe to work out for everyone. See The Game.

The truth according to Jaques
•  For a 200-year-old company, it's doing fine; but after dropping their Eclipse ball and failing to adapt the newest materials and technology in making mallets, it's clear that Jaques is more interested in producing games than sporting equipment. See the London Telegraph.

European champion overdoses
•  Inquest attributes death of 33-year-old Jersey player to drug patch commonly substituted for heroin in out-of-the-way rural locales. From the Telegraph.

Long Grass
•  Has the time come, at long last, for long-grass croquet? For all types of the game, at all levels. See Letters & Opinion.

Croquet's Bibliographer
David Drazin 1931 - 2014
•  One of the most generous spirits in croquet--both a gentleman and a scholar--died the first of May, 2014, at his home in England. See People.

Is the Atkins Quadway
the hoop of the future?
•  A consensus has emerged on creating more interaction at top competitive levels by making hoops more difficult to run, and New Zealand's Quadway gets the best score in 2014. See The Game.

Easter Picture Story
•  The resurrection of nature can be celebrated with cakes, bonnets, and croquet....and with cakes elaborately decorated to resemble croquet and bonnets, and... See People. debuts
•  Jenny and Chris Clarke have put up a website that is neither a blog nor a magazine, destined to become a vital part of the croquet cyberscape. See

USCA AC Nationals
California, April 7-12
•  Jeff Soo, playing with Brian Cumming, lost doubles to Abdelwahab and Bennnett but prevailed in singles against former champion Ben Rothman, taking two in two straight games. See the Bulletin Board.

•  In this interview with its Australian founder Tim Murphy, the IT specialist talks about the continuous development of his ground-breaking website and the effect a 2012 stoke has had on his life and career. See Game.

Building the Croquet Court
•  With plenty of land and no club close by, it seems like a great idea. Gail Arkley reports from Oregon in the The Game Department.

USCA National Club Teams
March 8-18, West Palm Beach
•  The National Croquet Center's hometown advantage with 11 teams won them the Lyons Trophy, but the West River and New York croquet clubs won the individual trophies. See the American Bulletin Board.

May I have this break dance?
•  Lured to the South Australia HQ via a month-long downtown party, the celebration continues with music and dancing and...? See Melbourne's Herald Sun News.

Will downtown croquet work?
•  When the young people seduced in Adelaide's Victoria Square "try out" croquet on regulation SACA headquarters lawns and either join or not, we'll know how big a story this is. In The Game.

The ideal Golf Croquet mallet
•  Egyptian-made mallets are exclusively for Golf Croquet. An American maker has now adapted their design parameters to his two Golf Croquet mallets. See The Game.

Why is Dean Reinke running?
•  The shady activities of a former executive director of the USCA with volunteer-based sports organizations over decades are exposed at length. See Outside Magazine.

•  Gail Arkley's second in a series of three essays gives us intimate insights into the trials, triumphs, and sacrifices of the non-playing spouse of a competitor. See Letters & Opinion.

Distinguishing national styles
in world croquet
•  Steve Jones has played competitively in all four major croquet countries, and shares his personal views on some broad distinctions. See Letters & Opinion.

MacRob in New Zealand
Dec 30 - Jan 15, 2014
•  New Zealand's on-paper advantage held up on their home courts, as they won the Shield in the final test against England, with Australia third and USA fourth. See the Bulletin Board.

John Prince on MacRobs
of the past and the present
•  The legendary Kiwi star recalls players and events from the past and assays the relative chances of the four teams. See News & Features.

Florida State Senior Games
•  Pictures tell most of the story of the debut of croquet in the official state senior games. See News & Features.

•  The wife of a croquet player delivers her perspective on croquet's premiere color, choosing her courtside costume, and the consequent evolution of her personal aesthetic. See Letters & Opinion.

USCA Seniors & Masters
Palm Beach, Nov 3-7, 2013
•  Mike Zuro of Chicago and local player "Mac" MacDermott each won top trophies in both singles and doubles in their divisions among the 22 awarded. See the American Bulletin Board.

Cairo croquet amidst turmoil
•  A Brit on assignment in Egypt is amazed to see croquet being played, seriously and well, while gunshots are heard and bomb smoke drifts over the courts. From The Spectator..

The slo-mo revolution
•  The hand-held slow-motion camera, allowing one to see clearly and unequivocally what actually happened, could be the most significant advance in refereeing in a century. In The Game.

Art collection goes online
•  Tremaine Arkley gave what may be the biggest croquet art collection ever amassed to the University of British Columbia. Here's a small part of it. See UBC website.

USCA Rules Championships
November 10-17, California
•  Jeff Soo emerged as the big winner, taking doubles with partner Rich Lamm and sweeping to a best-of-three victory in singles. Bulletin Board.

Chatting with Danny and Ben
•  Courtside at the Selection Eights, the two top-ranked American players talked about their professional goals, the American International Team, and the future of the sport. See People.

How is croquet branded?
•  For more than a century, print advertisements for a host of products have used croquet as visual shorthand to suggest certain qualities which our sport does not possess. See News & Features.

Walking the halls of fame
•  Fame is fleeting in the lawn sports--but it's a little less so if you're elected to one of the halls of fame. See Letters & Opinion.

The French exit interview
•  Martin French spent 34 months inventing, streamlining, and managing the sometimes cumbersome processes of the World Croquet Federation as Secretary-General, and now it's Stephen Mulliner's turn. See People.

Picturing London's 2013
World Championship
•  Two members of the seldom-seen Woking Croquet Club present a provocative gallery of largely behind-the-scenes snaps at three of the four venues. See Letters & Opinion.

A Menu of Boundary Protections
•  A one-pound missile traveling up to 40 mph off your court can damage people and property. Croquet's main technical site details numerous materials and techniques. See Oxford Croquet Website.

Solomon Trophy: England vs US
England, August 6-9
•  An overwhelming powerful British team piled up 17 matches to the Americans' four. See the Bulletin Board for complete final results.

Jiminy Wicket Wins Again!
•  Denver's June 21 event on "The Longest Day" scored in members, bucks, and publicity for the Alzheimer's Association and the Denver Croquet Club. See News & Features.

Plus Twenty Six and All That
•  Laurence Latham fills in some missing gaps in world history with croquet references largely unknown until their publication here. See Letters & Opinion.

•  Establishing a new croquet club may require seven years of persistence--plenty of time for all the right things to finally happen. See News & Features.

Backyard Revival
•  The game may still be languishing, but the nine-wicket setting is an increasing presence in the backyard of the world's largest croquet facility. See The Game.

Maximizing the mallet as a tool
•  Combining man, mallet, and method, Canada's Ken Shipley reports results and isolates the unpredictable quantity. See News & Features.

Swiss Croquet is centered at CERN
•  While croquet is firmly established in the shadow of Geneva's CERN, the rest of Switzerland lags behind with light mallets and primitive rules on indifferent lawns. See News & Features.

Mind over mallet
•  A croquet-playing neurologist examines the neureopsychological aspects of your own game influencing play and limiting your success on the court. See Letters & Opinion.

Oxford's Croquet Cuppers 2013
•  More than two thousand Oxfordians going "cock-a-hoop" in weekly rounds this spring are breaking all records. From the Oxford Student.

THE BALL: Discovering the Object of the Game
•  Anthropologist John Fox has written an engaging and well-researched book which is poorly focused and mentions croquet only once, disparagingly and inaccurately. See Letters & Opinion.

Croquet in the Czech Republic
•  Check it out: with six clubs, new multi-court clubs, and countless off-court attractions, the Czechs are welcoming visitors to their international events. See News & Features.

Charles Jones killer convicted
•  A Thai court has sentenced the Syrian murderer of the former president of the World Croquet Federation in 2011 to nine years in prison. See

India reinvents the sport
•  The croquet courts of the maharajas are either gone or recycled at heritage hotels, so 21st century croquet has found a broader base among students in 11 states. See News & Features.

How women miss the mark
•  If more Kiwi and Aussie women rank higher than their northern hemisphere counterparts, two British players in the first Association Croquet World Championship for Women say it may be because their national associations support their development. See Letters & Opinion.

Stueber Open Purse Event
Feb 22-24 - West Palm Beach
•  Attorney Stuart Lawrence and USCA president Johnny Mitchell win the big cash at what is suddenly the biggest purse event in America. See the Bulletin Board.

The Olympics or the World Games:
How and when will croquet arrive?
•  Martin French and Bob Alman examine 17 years of WCF expansion and quantify the steps still needed for global recognition of the sport. In News & Features.

Is a bad loser just a loser?
•  An ambitious young player accustomed to winning in everything tries to convince himself that losing a croquet match is okay, and it's a tough sell. See Letters & Opinion.

Golf Croquet World Teams!
•  Filmed at the first Golf Croquet World Teams Championship in Johannesburg, this sponsored half-hour television report pioneers a new era of public awareness for the sport. See Youtube.

Centennial New Zealand Open
January 19-27, Christchurch
•  Toby Garrison defeated Aaron Westerby in three long games on a super-fast lawn at United Croquet Club. See Bulletin Board.

Installing an artificial surface:
Should you or shouldn't you?
•  Finances, maintenance, water availability, environmental imperatives, and your players' level of expertise are some of the factors balancing your decision. See The Game.

Bamford on the winning edge
•  The content of this long talk by multiple world champion Reg Bamford is about croquet, but the mental attitude applies to any sport. Video by Duncan Hector.

Chuck Steuber Open Champs
West Palm Beach - Feb 22-24
•  In its sixth year, this singles tournament breaks new ground, played for the first time by both Association laws and American rules over just three days, with a huge cash purse. See the Bulletin Board.

Partnering Louis Jourdan
•  The place was the Breakers in Palm Beach, the period was the early nineties, the opponents were Jack Osborn and Herb Swope, and nothing short of total victory would do. See People.

Men and women must bowl together!
•  The Equal Opportunity Tribunal in South Australia gives the bowlers 18 months to figure out how to comply. Will croquet lag behind? See

USCA Golf Croquet Nationals
Mission Hills, Dec 11-15
•  After winning doubles, club pro Ben Rothman took singles as well by beating his partner Sherif Abdelwahab. See the Bulletin Board.

What I did for love
•  Managing a lawn in the public domain could require more than political savvy; you may have to resort to prayer and criminal cunning. In News & Features.

Golf Croquet World Teams
Johannesburg - Nov 15-Dec 2
•  Egypt squeaked out a 7-6 Finals victory over a spunky New Zealand team to win the world's first Golf Croquet world teams event. See the Bulletin Board.

United Croquet Club's centennial
•  Its seven lawns in central Christchurch make it an obvious pick for major events, and the 2013 New Zealand Open is not the least of them. In News & Features

USCA Seniors & Masters Champs
West Palm Beach, Nov 13-17
•  The champions in singles are Mike Gibbons, David McCoy, John Blamire, and Howard Holdsclaw. See the Bulletin Board for details.

All about the Nottingham Board
•  The creator and moderator of croquet's best-know global email newsgroup answers questions about its purpose, value, and management. See People.

USCA Selection 8s
National Croquet Center - Nov 1-4
•  It's double-banked dawn-to-dusk Association Croquet on 10 courts of the USA's biggest facility, for 42 players, six of whom make up America's International Team. See the Bulletin Board for details.

Women's World Championship
October 21-28, Melbourne
•  New Zealand's Jenny Clarke justified her top-ten world ranking by dominating the first all-women's championship for Association Croquet, without losing a single game. See the Bulletin Board.

USCA American Rules Nationals
National Croquet Center, Oct 15-21
•  Ben Rothman takes the top trophies in both singles and doubles, with partner Brian Cumming of Canada. See the Bulletin Board for details.

The Solomon Trophy
October 9-13, North Carolina
•  With a final score of 13 to 8, Great Britain reclaimed the Solomon Trophy from the US at Bald Head Island. See the Bulletin Board.

Ohio swings!
•  This surprisingly accurate and appropriately superficial story out of Ohio isn't about electoral politics, and its brilliant headline advises the public that the first invitational at the New Albany Country Club is FREE FOR SPECTATORS! See the Columbus Dispatch.

GC Tournament of Champions canceled!
•  The sixth edition of Golf Croquet's most prestigious croquet invitational, with a purse of $8,000, was organized to achieve its ultimate state of perfection for 2013. See the Forum.

More on "Mega-Centres Update"
•  It's all "good news," including new staffing and an expanded menu of memberships at Florida's National Croquet Center, and no denials from the Australia's Victorian Centre. See the Forum.

Frogs and Croquet
•  They're both still evolving, but not until this moment in history has a croquet-playing scientist reported the astonishing symbiosis of that process. See Letters & Opinion.

Mega-Centres Update
•  Breakthroughs in both Australia and Florida are the focus of this fact-based editorial, surveying the future and finances of the two biggest croquet facilities on the planet. See Letters & Opinion.

Compact Croquet
•  When scarcity of time and space prevent simultaneous play of your whole group--whether advanced or novice--reduced courts with adjusted rules are a good solution. See The Game.

Dynamic Grading in Plain English
•  Louis Nel's new article plumbs the mysteries of probability and grading and explains how all players with an adequate number of ranking games are accurately graded. See the Oxford website.

The Hall of Fame inductees are...
•  A year after the WCF president's murder in Thailand, Charles Jones is honored along with three others--from the US, Scotland, and England. See the WCF website.

The Paris 1900 Olympics fiasco
•  The quadrennial games survived, but croquet, spread over seven weeks, did not. The French thus won the only Olympic medals awarded for the sport, as Chris Hudson reports in this CWOM reprint.

Down the gopher hole
with Mr. Wicket
•  Perhaps you should hesitate to reject a separate reality until you have explored it, yourself. See Letters & Opinion.

British Open Championships
July 7-15, 2012 - Cheltenham
•  Reg Bamford came out on top of one of croquet's longest-running rivalries, defeating Rob Fulford and winning the singles trophy for the ninth time. Fulford and Death captured the doubles title. See Bulletin Board.

Reflections on Croquet in Wonderland
•  The best-known croquet games in literature have led one British croquet player a long way down the garden path to... See Letters & Opinion.

Back to the future:
Country Club Croquet
•  What started as "a sport for the affluent class" in the 70's and then mushroomed on public courts is now in renaissance in gated communities in the southern Appalachians. See News & Features.

Croquet in Latvia?
•  The tiny Baltic state has made a fast start in building courts, buying heavy equipment, growing membership, joining the WCF, and entering world events. See News & Features.

Archie Peck: 1935-2012
•  American croquet's original champion, teacher,
and pro at the National Croquet Center died
following a long struggle with cancer. See
the New York Times.

Croquet World Championship
Adelaide, April 28 - May 6
•  Reg Bamford of South Africa retained his title in a closely contested five-game match win over Australia's top player, Robert Fletcher.
See the Bulletin Board.

A picture postcard from Leo
•  US team member Leo Nikora promised to send "live" reports from the World Championships in Australia. Pictures, they say, are worth more than words. See News & Features

WCF Blogspot updated!
•  The Secretary-General reports this week significant news on many fronts from around the globe over the last five months. WCF Blogspot.

Darkhorse dreams in Adelaide
•  Is it possible for an elderly player in the bottom half of the top fifty to win the world championship? Yes, and New Zealand's Dennis Bullock is definitely thinking the right thoughts. From Nelson Mail.

Mark McInerney,
Irish World Champion
•  The winningest Golf Croquet player this side of Egypt explains in an interview how he makes it happen. See People.

"Serious Croquet" in America
•  For decades, it has been an attitude and a way of life in the country club culture of the eastern US, but now it's also an elegant oversized book with striking photographs and poetic text. See News & Features.

Palm Beach, March 14-18, 2012
•  Once again, world champion Mark McInerney proves his mettle, leading the Irish team in a narrow victory and winning the biggest individual purse at International Polo Palm Beach. Bulletin Board.

Perfecting the Golf Croquet
Celebrity Exhibition Format?
•  This photo debrief of the fourth and biggest in an ongoing series of USCA special events designed to grow membership points to the next stage of its development. See The Game.

West Palm Beach, March 13-18
•  With 120 players, it's the USCA's biggest competition of the Century, and it's only a part of CROQUET WEEK at the National Croquet Center. See the Bulletin Board.

Tournament of champions:
a Golf Croquet picture story
•  The International Polo Club Palm Beach got it right in 2012, and if the original calculations didn't work out, it was because the players' skills were underestimated.
See News & Features

4th Annual Invitational - Feb 22-26
Intl Polo Club, Palm Beach
•  The world champion, Mark McInerney of Ireland, defeated former three-time world champion Khaled Younis of Egypt in two games to take the top prize in a very strong field. See the Bulletin Board.

Mallets: Have they gone
about as far as they can go?
•  Craft and beauty combine with 21st Century technology to give buyers the widest possible choice in all playing environments. See The Game.

USCA National Championship
Feb 6-11 - Southern California
•  Rich Lamm confirmed his championship credentials by adding Association Croquet to the Golf Croquet title he also took at Mission Hills last December. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet on ice: feasible and fun
•  With determination and the right equipment, you can play croquet in any season, and we have the story and pics to prove it. See News & Features.

•  A distinguished panel of top-level players and organizers--Clarke, French, Nel, and Hall-- consider the long-term import of the growing influence of Golf Croquet. See The Game.

New Zealand Open
January 14 - 22, Wanganui
•  Greg Bryant defeated Toby Garrison in four games to retain the championship title. See Bulletin Board.

An album of favorite photos
•  The end of the year is a time for looking back at what was most significant, best remembered, or most enjoyed. Sometimes that's only a striking image. See Letters & Opinion.

Croquet in the Special Olympics
•  Partnering in Golf Croquet balances individual strengths and weaknesses to create the most effective team. See The Game.

Women's GC World Championship
November 19-26, New Zealand
•  Rachel Rowe of England defeated New Zealand's Jenny Clarke 3-2 to become the new women's world champion. See Bulletin Board.

ELLERY: The passing of a patron
•  The impact of Ellery McClatchy's support of USCA croquet for three decades can hardly be overestimated. This is our tribute to a gentle, generous, proud and private benefactor. See People.

Gateball goes international
•  Australia's national croquet association has sponsored this crowd-pleasing mallet sport's introduction to the English-speaking world. Here's the story and pictures from the 2011 championship. In News & Features.

In the Money
•  Cash purses for 2012 Golf Croquet invitationals in South Florida and South Africa rival the numbers in the glory days of American croquet in the 80's. See News & Features.

Jenny Clarke goes for the gold
•  The top-ranked female player in Association Croquet, who twice placed third in the Women's Golf Croquet World Championship, aims for the top spot on home turf in 2011. See New Zealand's Daily Post.

Egyptian Golf Croquet Open
October 1-6, 2011 - Cairo
•  Mohamed Nasr defeats Sherif Nafe 7-2-5-7, 7-4 in the best-of-three finals match. See the Bulletin Board.

A 48-hour game of Golf Croquet
•  It's not easy to survive a double lung transplant or set an official world record for the longest golf croquet game. Maggie Cowman has done both.
See People.

The day the world changed
•  On September 11th, 2001, Rhys Thomas was in Hawaii, producing a three-hour documentary about World War Two for The History Channel. Read his story in Letters & Opinion.

"Goodbye, Victoria!
Hello, Cambodia!"
•  Beginning a new life in another country and giving up croquet is one man's way of ending a long personal war with officialdom. His name is Simon Watkins. See People.

Amir Ramsis is WCF prez
until the next elections
•  Following the sudden and tragic death of Charles Jones, Egypt gets its turn at the top of the WCF Management Committee. Details on the WCF Blogspot.

•  Prospecting a new-club start in Liverpool, Hawkins strikes pay-dirt on the third try. Or is it only fool's gold? See News & Features.

Toxaway Mountain Challenge II
September 17, North Carolina
•  An afternoon Golf Croquet exhibition game between American champions Danny Huneycutt and Ben Rothman highlights an elegant event that promises to become a staple of USCA promotion. See details.

Croquet East:
breakthrough or passing fancy?
•  A new London club breaks most of the rules and with missionary zeal attracts growing throngs of mostly 20-somethings to weekly games on rough turf in Victoria Park. See interview in People.

Golf Croquet World Championship
July 18-24 - London, England
•  Mark McInerney of Ireland ended Egypt's exclusive ownership of the world title by defeating Hisham Aboesbaa 3-0 in the historic best-of-five finals at Hurlingham. See Bulletin Board.

New book on Golf Croquet
•  The chapter "How to Win" is excerpted from a new volume on Golf Croquet tactics out of Queensland, Australia. See News & Features.

British Open Championships
July 2-10, 2011, London
•  Reg Bamford swept the finals, defeating Rob Fulford in singles and with his partner Rutger Beijderwellen posting a straight-games win against David Maugham and Mark Avery in doubles. See the Bulletin Board.

Picturing the 2011 Solomon
•  This photo essay is a collaboration of Eileen Soo and Jeff Soo, with a distinctly American slant. See News & Features.

19th Solomon Trophy, England
June 28 - July 1, 2011
•  Halfway through the final day, the US team retained the Solomon Trophy by a score of 11 to 6. See the Bulletin Board.

Bernard Neal, Wimbledon Champion
•  In addition to this new article from BBC News, Croquet World publishes "How we lost Wimbledon" and "Croquet at Wimbledon." See BBC News.

McDonnell is Meadowood's head pro
•  Mike McDonnell, musician and heir to the Hollywood croquet legacy of his father Tom, takes over the Stark post in the Northern California resort. From the Napa Valley Register.

A weather-proof championship
for Midwest high schoolers
•  What started as casual play in the intramural club culminated in spirited competition for eight teams in the first USCA Midwest High School Croquet Championship at Fargo's Sports Bubble. See News & Features.

Quaking courts in Christchurch
•  A new swarm of shallow earthquakes produces a catalogue of photographed damage from liquifaction, lawns under water, topped with boulders, or tilted. Croquet New Zealand website.

Khaled Younis,
once and future champion
•  Former teammate Mohammad Kamal celebrates the career of a three-time world champion forced to sit out the 2011 Golf Croquet World Championship in England. See People.

Croqueting Scotland:
In the shadow of history
•  Most of Scotland's clubs are built in historic settings and scenic surroundings, and they welcome visitors. See News & Features.

A royal game of croquet
•  Captured on film is the moment when a 13-year-old Elizabeth met Prince Phillip on the croquet court at Dartmouth College in 1939. From the Daily Mail Online.

Roque: An American mallet game in revival
•  The incipient revival of roque is spurred by the internet, new and restored courts, and nostalgic players like Chris Bullock. See The Game.

Bowls threatened in Britain
•  Despite 400,000 players, the most efficient lawnsport is endangered by cost-cutting local councils trying to balance their budgets. See BBC News Magazine.

The outlawing of the
Sam Snead croquet putt
•  Why was the center-stance stroke outlawed in pro golf? Because Snead proved it worked! From

Libby Newell: The polite story and the truth
•  She died at 91 in relative obscurity 25 years after her induction into the Hall of Fame. Her life and death are partially and briefly described here. People.

Terrain at the Top
•  Keith Wylie and others have proposed "radical" shifts in the game in the past; this proposal is less radical and more practical. See The Game.

New WCF Sec-Gen takes charge
•  Martin French, vowing transparency, has taken on the worldwide organization's priorities and administration following a year of tumult. See interview in News & Features.

The 2011 Int'l Polo Invitational
•  It had the biggest purse, the best lawn, Egyptian balls, and great players, despite the unexpected withdrawal of the Egyptian champions. News & Features.

It's Ben Rothman - again
•  For the second consecutive year, he tops the USCA Grand Prix as "player of the year" - in News & Features.

•  It's easy to rig your pool table for Golf Croquet. Find out how in News &Features.

Egyptian balls
debut in Palm Beach
•  The Golf Croquet purse invitational for top players at International Polo signals a breakthrough in the worldwide culture of the sport. News & Features.

Liz Reports from Queensland
•  Liz Fleming gave us an up-close view of the flooding on the Australia Bulletin Board.

Photo Contest Winners
•  Online voters have put eight ladies of the Czech Republic in first place in Yuri Ilyukhin's International Photo Contest.

The artist in exile
•  A politically-generated scandal in 1902 broadened the worldwide stage of the German artist Christian Wilhelm (C.W.) Allers, whose wealthy clients sometimes commissioned croquet-based portraits. People.

WCF Sec-Gen puts up Blogspot
•  Before updating the World Croquet Federation website, he has to learn a complex platform. This new and frequently updated Blogspot fills the news-gap and includes room for your comments and questions.

New WCF Secretary-General named
•  Martin French of England succeeds Chris Clarke of New Zealand in the key administrative role of croquet's world body. See Bulletin Board Forum.

Shanghai World Championship:
the gateball picture story
•  Olympian in scale, this gateball extravaganza heralds the global spread of the most popular malletsport beyond Asia and the Pacific, into Europe and the Americas. News & Features.

•  The U.S. Croquet Association showcases on November 6-7 the most evolved Golf Croquet Exhibition Series yet developed by the national sports organization, soon to be duplicated all around the country. News & Features.

Over 50 World Championship
October 8-15, Cairo
•  Hisham Abouesbaa defeated Englishman Stephen Mulliner in a riveting 5-game duel that preserves Egyptian supremacy, just barely, in the game that is revolutionizing the sport of croquet. See the Bulletin Board.

Clarke resigns WCF post
•  After less than six months as Secretary-General, Chris Clarke cites difficulty in dealing with the Management Committee and inability to achieve sufficient results for the time invested. See the Bulletin Board.

Beyond the Mac:
Whither the World Championships?
•  The 2010 world teams included most of the developing countries, for the first time. Should the multiplication of individual championships now be encouraged? Or restrained? - in News & Features.

The bowling/croquet turf wars:
sad, comic, and easily avoidable
•  But if you think the near-universal positive benefits reported from long-standing dual use agreements make peaceful partnerships inevitable, think again. In News & Features.

The world's biggest
mallet sports championship
•  No, it's not the MacRobertson, it's the World Gateball Championship in Shanghai, for 600 competitors, backed by megabucks for sponsorship and spectacle. See News & Features.

Roque on the verge of extinction
•  Once the mallet game for the masses, it's crowded out by Gateball on the plebeian end and croquet on the refined end, surviving, just barely, as a museum piece. Linked from ESPN Sports.

World Teams & MacRobertson
August 5 - 22 - England
•  The United Kingdom narrowly bested New Zealand to retain the Shield, while Wales, Scotland, and the Czech Republic won in the lower divisions. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet in Denmark:
How do they do it?
•  In a country of scarcely more than five million, more than 5,000 pay annual dues to a national association, and 220 clubs compete locally, regionally, and nationally. See The Game.

Cracking Croquet
•  This story by a USCA player of American croquet's evolution includes good links, seldom-reported facts, and an informed point of view. See TAKI magazine.

Jerry: The early years
(and then some)
•  A long-time friend of now-deceased croquet pro Jerry Stark tracks their parallel ascents from high school into the top ranks of croquet - in People.

A desert paradise with croquet courts
•  California's Mission Hills Croquet Club, with ten courts, has become American's western mecca for both players and tournaments. See News & Features.

Hawkins book
released by Crowood
•  In 174 uniquely illustrated pages, it leads players from the rudiments of break play all the way to the esoterica of advanced Association tactics and strategy. In The Game Department.

Jerry Stark remembered
•  The long-time pro and much-beloved anchor of the USCA International team died in California on May 19, 2010. See the Forum

Editors' Forum on the Women's World Championship
•  Golf Croquet already has a World event, but not Association Croquet. Three prominent women players state the case for alternative ways of improving the standard of female play. In Letters & Opinion.

•  Brian Storey's resignation and the swift appointment of Chris Clarke raises speculations confirmed by CROQUET WORLD in this breaking story. See the Bulletin Board Forum.

Playing through dementia
•  Golf Croquet is a game that can create a bridge of communication and relationship to family members with Alzheimer's - see News & Features.

Intergalactic Winter Croquet
Waterbury, Vermont, March 2010
•  The event expands significantly, as the winners take the trophy at least 40 minutes away until next year's big tourney. From Boston's NPR station, WBUR.

17 WCF Member Nations
to Compete in World Teams
•  The milestone event is the first-ever Association Croquet World Team Championship, concurrent with the MacRobertson Shield. See the Bulletin Board.

Short croquet videos worth watching
•  The judges produce a modest guide to croquet players reluctant to navigate on their own the vast, insufficiently charted wilderness of youtube - in Letters & Opinion.

Picture Perfect at International Polo
•  A pro who's also a member at Polo favors us with photos that carry the whole story. In News & Features.

Rothman and Grimsley
finish 1-2 in 2009 Grand Prix
•  As America's winningest partnership, they'll compete for the top trophy in many 2010 events and fuel the USCA team effort at the MacRobertson Shield in England. See People.

Shakespeare's take on the game
•  In this unashamed whimsy, John Prince illustrates the trash talk he and Andrew Winn have irreverently penned for the bard - in Letters & Opinion.

Europe united under one flag!
•  The new flag of the European Croquet Federation bears a striking resemblance to the flag of the European Union, and it's no accident - in News & Features.

Photo Contest Finals!
•  The editors showcase the most arresting photos of people and venues submitted from everywhere for our 2009 contest. See Letters & Opinion.

3rd Women's Golf Croquet
WCF World Championship
November 21-28, Victoria
•  Alix Verge of Australia threatens Egyptian dominance of Golf Croquet by toppling reigning women's champion Iman Elfaransawi in stunning 3-2 finals. See Bulletin Board.

Diane Blow 1936-2009
A founding benefactor
•  The croquet family loses an accomplished, beloved and generous member - in People

Finding a home
for the croquet collection
•  The collector's crowning achievement ensures that primary historical sources are permanently preserved and accessible to researchers - in News & Features.

Wine, Wickets & Wheels
debuts in Ohio, July 2010
•  The Hayes Croquet Club hosts a Golf Croquet purse tournament and the first major SuperSize Croquet Championship - in News & Features.

Prince's portraits
of the stars, Part I
•  New Zealand's John Prince memorializes in graphite and pencil drawings and his own words some of the top players of our time - in News & Features.

A shot at greatness
•  The legendary exploits of Kentucky farmer Archie Burchfield - America's most publicized croquet player - are recalled in new and exquisite detail. See Garden & Gun Magazine.

Origins of croquet reconsidered
•  In the year of Darwin, the likely evolutionary paths of modern croquet are traced, along with the footprints of its more primitive cousins - in The Game

Cruising with a portable grass court
•  Samir Patel reports the first games on the biggest, the best, the first and the only, docked at Southampton. See News & Features.

Straight talk: a courtside chat
with Australia's Liz Fleming
•  The opinions in this long and lively interview are rooted in personal experience and range from gender bias to many forms of organizational dysfunction. See People.

WCF Under 21 Golf Croquet
Cairo, Egypt - July 18-23, 2009
•  World-class Golf Croquet comes of age as a Kiwi triumphs on Egyptian soil in a strong field of young players from many countries. See the Bulletin Board.

Croquet's Bad Boy
has left the courts
•  Mik Mehas died in California on July 12, 2009, and no one will ever take his place in the sport of croquet. See People.

2009 Photo Contest Invites Entries
•  Entries are being accepted for Croquet World's Fourth Annual Photo Contest until August 16. See full details in Letters & Opinion.

The USCA's four-year transition
•  The editor interviews the outgoing and incoming presidents of the USCA at a difficult time for the croquet world and the planet. In People.

Management shifts
at the National Croquet Center
•  The end of the High Season in South Florida brings with it news of a financial shortfall, a new round of fundraising, a change in management, and optimistic predictions, but this summer there's something new: a rational business plan! See News & Features.

Croquet comes to college
•  The University of Oregon blazes a trail for a sport that adds a huge portion of "mental" to "physical" in the Physical Education curriculum - in The Game.

The biggest game:
strategic planning
•  Four clubs in the USCA's Club Organizers' Workshop demonstrate a surprising range of problems, solutions, and breakthroughs in applying standard business principles to the local nonprofit - in News & Features.

Victoria Centre:
a promise unfulfilled
•  The Victoria Croquet Association neither explains nor corrects the failed forecasts around the opening of its new headquarters, but in the absence of answers, we offer pointed questions in abundance in Letters & Opinion.

The game and the art of collecting
•  First he learned to play. Then he built the biggest croquet collection in private hands. Now he's giving it away. Interview by David Appleton in People.

Can overthinking wreck your game?
•  This study reported on the BBC shows that experienced competitors shouldn't talk or think between shots, but it's okay for novices. See BBC News for article and video clip.

Playing Gateball in Japan
•  A British croquet player transplanted in Japan reports on the spreading popularity of the miniaturized hoop-and-ball game from the country that started the buzz - in The Game.

The pursuit of justice
in tournament design
•  Louis Nel and Bob Alman recommend simple changes in American Rules and Association Croquet events to increase the probability of fair results - in Letters & Opinion.

Ben Rothman's breakthrough year
•  The 24-year-old reveals his ambition to become world champion and a full-time croquet pro in this courtside chat with Bob Alman. See People.

Croquet in China?
•  With the rapid emergence of China's affluent class, the growth of first-rate croquet facilities is inevitable, and the World Croquet Federation is planting the seeds - in News & Features.

Who Really Won
the Election of 1876?
•  In the most contentiously contested election in American history, a special commission put the loser of the popular vote -- America's croquet-playing president -- into the White House - in News & Features.

The China Diary
Oct 22-27, 2008 - Shanghai
•  WCF president David Openshaw, with Amir Ramsis and Khalid Younis, demonstrate the sport in a high-level four-day conference in Shanghai. See Openshaw's diary updates on the Bulletin Board.

European Championship
September 19-21 - Jersey
•  For the tenth time, Stephen Mulliner of England won the top trophy, defeating Simon Williams of Ireland 2-1 in the best-of-three final. See the Bulletin Board.

The eBay croquet art sting
•  The bibliographer and the collector conspire with the Sussex police to recover irreplaceable croquet portraits from the Edwardian era - in News & Features.

Chuck Steuber 1920 - 2008
•  The magnificent legacy of the National Croquet Center's founder and guiding spirit has yet to be fully realized - in People.

2008 Photo Contest Winners
•  From 100 finalists, 40 are here online, with all due accolades from the judges. See Letters & Opinion.

Why it's okay
to cheat at croquet
•  It's not, really. But you'll never convince the mainstream press of a notion firmly rooted in the culture of backyard croquet. See Letters & Opinion.

Is croquet good for business?
•  Local businesses are opposing East Lindsay's plan to convert their caravan park into a major croquet centre. See BBC videoclip.

Touring the croquet clubs of Germany
•  Good food, drink, and hospitality anchor a growing sport in the heart of Europe - in News & Features.

Croquet in Norway
•  One of its principal organizers reports that the sport of croquet is firmly rooted in the land of the midnight sun, and growing - in News & Features.

The fun, the feel, the photo
•  The most ambitious photo shoot ever attempted by a croquet association aims at reshaping the sport's public image. See photos and interview in Letters & Opinion.

2008 revisions in the laws
•  Consequential changes in the play of Association Croquet are outlined and explained, with pointers to the precise wording and interpretations in the new edition - in The Game.

USCA Grand Prix awards, 2007
•  The numbers broke all previous records, and Stewart Jackson topped the lot - in The Game.

Wouldn't you rather be
at the bowling alley?
•  In this republication of Leslie Fielding's controversial poem, we break precedent to give an irate bowler equal time - in Letters & Opinion.

Golf Croquet World Championship
March 8-16, Capetown
•  Nasr defeats Bamford to retain world title for Egypt. See the Bulletin Board.

Will golf's loss be croquet's gain?
•  Deserting the fairways in droves, will golfers be attracted to a faster sport with smaller fees and bigger balls? From The New York Times..

WCF World Championship
Feb 2-10, 2008 - Christchurch
•  Chris Clarke won the title for the second time by defeating fellow Brit Stephen Mulliner. See the New Zealand Bulletin Board.

Huge Melbourne Centre
launches first full season
•  The new Victorian Croquet Centre boasts 12 courts and a clubhouse, outscaling anything in the Southern Hemisphere, and its owners are projecting financial self-sufficiency by 2010 - in News & Features.

Herb Swope, Jr. - 1915-2008
•  The USCA's strongest link to its Gatsby era roots has passed away. See his Croquet World's 2005 interview..

Introducing the "Book of Puzzlers"
•  These situations in American Rules croquet put you in the shoes of the player who has to decide what to do next - quickly! Can you figure out the right answer? - in The Game.

Sarasota: The art
and science of club building
•  All it takes is knowing what to do and having someone who'll do whatever it takes. Someone like Jackie Jones - in News & Features.

The club as a business:
Can it ever succeed?
•  An Australian croquet club's experiment in direct-mailing advertising offers some tantalizing clues - in News & Features.

Australian Open Championships
Melbourne, Nov 2-11, 2007
•  Bruce Fleming trounces Paddy Chapman 3-0 to win the singles title. See the Bulletin Board.

USCA announces Handicap
Tracking Points giveaway
•  The purpose is to boost play in the USCA Regionals; the price is compromising a system designed to reflect performance - in News & Features.

Williams & Clarke:
The First Couple of Croquet
•  Winning title after title both individually and as partners, their activities and interests are global, but they're planning to marry and settle in Christchurch - in People.

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