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Croquet Books Give-Away!
•  A wealthy croquet enthusiast has worked hard for several years to develop and test refinements for the relatively fast-moving games now increasingly favored by croquet club members, and has recruited some top-level help in refining, testing, perfecting, and distributing them. These are NEW BOOKS, newly developed and well tested by top-ranked players at the USCA's National Croquet Center. This announcement is addressed to serious croquet players around the world via croquet's Nottingham Board.

Croquet Genesis
•  "Ten Years of the Open" is the way Mike Orgill titled this piece, published in the 1993 San Francisco Open tournament program. We agreed it was a work of genius, from the long-ago when croquet really was "the fastest growing sport in America."

Croquet in the time of Covid
•  With three lawns and regulations limiting lawn capacity to four players, club innovators are designing events that fit into the space and time allotted; the plan at Tunbridge Wells features shorter games, for everyone.

Quantifying Golf Croquet
•  With the Cowing Performance Analysis tool an improving player can continue to progress in Golf Croquet by measurable increments in practice, and in tournament results.

Quadways in America
•  This remarkable hoop system is now accessible to top players everywhere, so the question now becomes: Will it see widespread adoption in local clubs around the world?

Synthetic surfaces
in New Zealand
•  Chris and Jenny Clarke try out a new artificial court in a Christchurch retirement community that plays well, even for jump shots.

GC or AC:
A peace proposal
•  The global schism between Golf Croquet and Association Croquet endangers the future of the sport; a radical interim solution is proposed.

The story of deadness
•  After decades of scholarship, research, academic reports, and speculation on the subject, a magazine writer brings together all the elements into a rationally conjectured complete narrative.

Backyard genesis story
•  A typical and absolutely unique happenstance in Colorado sparks the creation of a croquet club on "found turf" in the desert.

Slow-motion video refereeing
•  It's still in the trial-and-discussion phase, but one American Rules tournament has found it surprisingly useful and easy to do.

"Aussie Croquet" catching on?
•  A surge of popularity in the new game has led to further clarification in the rules and the first club championship, in North Carolina.

•  No national association sanctions it, but its popularity is growing, and we can explain why.

The out player
•  The self-described mascot of the losing British players at the recent world teams discovers an added element of entertainment in one of the world's slowest sports.

Re-Languaging the rules
•  The merging of two separate streams of development in the 80's created a polyglot of persisting differences in Golf Croquet and Association Croquet.

How old is "too old"?
•  Statistically, it's just a number. Individually, most aging champions continue to compete in events that test not only their skill but also their motivation and endurance.

Reading Lord Tollemache's Croquet
•  Mike Orgill pays tribute to a Brit who epitomized Edwardian croquet, advocated controversial changes in the game, and penned the definitive croquet book of his time.

Painting the boundaries
•  The shift from string to paint not even imagined in North America just a few years ago is now gaining national momentum.

History of Golf Croquet
•  Ray Hall compiles existing English-language sources and adds new details in a still-incomplete account to encourage more research.

Perfecting the Golf Croquet
Celebrity Exhibition Format
•  This photo debrief of the fourth and biggest in an ongoing series of USCA special events designed to grow membership points to the next stage of its development.

The First Sextuple
•  The legendary John Prince of New Zealand describes the first one ever done in competition, more than 15 months before Wylie wowed the British with his own.

Golf Croquet Update
•  It's still working--for local clubs and resort communities, if not for the USCA; and the Management Committee is determined to find a way for this recipe to work out for everyone.

Is the Atkins Quadway
the hoop of the future?
•  A consensus has emerged on creating more interaction at top competitive levels by making hoops more difficult to run, and New Zealand's Quadway gets the best score in 2014.

•  In this interview with its Australian founder Tim Murphy, the IT specialist talks about the continuous development of his ground-breaking website and the effect a 2012 stoke has had on his life and career.

Building the Croquet Court
•  With plenty of land and no club close by, it seems like a great idea. Gail Arkley reports from Oregon.

Will downtown croquet work?
•  When the young people seduced in Adelaide's Victoria Square "try out" croquet on regulation SACA headquarters lawns and either join or not, we'll know how big a story this is.

The ideal Golf Croquet mallet
•  Egyptian-made mallets are exclusively for Golf Croquet. An American maker has now adapted their design parameters to his two Golf Croquet mallets.

The slo-mo revolution
•  The hand-held slow-motion camera, allowing one to see clearly and unequivocally what actually happened, could be the most significant advance in refereeing in a century.

Backyard Revival
•  The game may still be languishing, but the nine-wicket setting is an increasing presence in the backyard of the world's largest croquet facility.

Installing an artificial surface:
Should you or shouldn't you?
•  Finances, maintenance, water availability, environmental imperatives, and your players' level of expertise are some of the factors balancing your decision.

Compact Croquet
•  When scarcity of time and space prevent simultaneous play of your whole group--whether advanced or novice--reduced courts with adjusted rules are a good solution.

Mallets: Have they gone
about as far as they can go?
•  Craft and beauty combine with 21st Century technology to give buyers the widest possible choice in all playing environments.

•  A distinguished panel of top-level players and organizers--Clarke, French, Nel, and Hall-- consider the long-term import of the growing influence of Golf Croquet.

Croquet in the Special Olympics
•  Partnering in Golf Croquet balances individual strengths and weaknesses to create the most effective team.

Roque: An American mallet game in revival
•  The incipient revival of roque is spurred by the internet, new and restored courts, and nostalgic players like Chris Bullock.

Terrain at the Top
•  Keith Wylie and others have proposed "radical" shifts in the game in the past; this proposal is less radical and more practical.

Croquet in Denmark:
How do they do it?
•  In a country of scarcely more than five million, more than 5,000 pay annual dues to a national association, and 220 clubs compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

Hawkins book
released by Crowood
•  In 174 uniquely illustrated pages, it leads players from the rudiments of break play all the way to the esoterica of advanced Association tactics and strategy.

Origins of croquet reconsidered
•  In the year of Darwin, the likely evolutionary paths of modern croquet are traced, along with the footprints of its more primitive cousins.

Croquet comes to college
•  The University of Oregon blazes a trail for a sport that adds a huge portion of "mental" to "physical" in the Physical Education curriculum.

Playing Gateball in Japan
•  A British croquet player transplanted in Japan reports on the spreading popularity of the miniaturized hoop-and-ball game from the country that started the buzz.

2008 revisions in the laws
•  Consequential changes in the play of Association Croquet are outlined and explained, with pointers to the precise wording and interpretations in the new edition.

USCA Grand Prix awards, 2007
•  The numbers broke all previous records, and Stewart Jackson topped the lot.

Introducing the "Book of Puzzlers"
•  These situations in American Rules croquet put you in the shoes of the player who has to decide what to do next - quickly! Can you figure out the right answer?

The American rules opening
•  Garth Eliassen asks, "Why do we have to keep messing with it?"

New American Rules clarify many issues
•  Stuart Lawrence outlines the import and much of the rationale behind the substantive changes made in the new 2006 revision of the American Rules, taking effect in late November.

The origins of carry-over deadness
in American Rules
•  New research by history sleuth David Drazin spotlights the probable and surprising genesis of the American game.

New handicap system for American players
•  The new "International Rules" handicap is pegged to the Croquet Grading System that is the basis of the official World Rankings.

Revised Golf Croquet rules now online
•  Croquet World Online presents the most complete updated version of the rules available, including diagrams.

Toequet and Malletball: More extreme than extreme
•  At first glance, Golf Croquet played by kicking soccer balls through giant PVC wickets doesn�t seem like a great idea. Look again!

Is the game too easy?
•  A strong case is made for changes in both American and "Association" play, but don't expect them any time soon.

Gateball: Croquet's missing link?
•  The illegitimate Asian-born child of Croquet has grown up to be immeasurably more successful than its parent.

A game for all seasons: Golf Croquet in the frozen north
•  These slap-happy elders will not wait for the spring thaw to score points for their favorite sport.

What's new in the new USCA rules?
•  Jeff Soo offers a guide to the "modest revision" that has yielded up unexpected surprises.

What's next? Golfer's Croquet
•  Coming soon to a golf course near you

When mallet hits ball
•  The science of physics reveals all the elements of the perfect stroke coming together at the moment of impact.

Basic break play
•  It's the essence of croquet and the title of this chapter from Geoffrey Naylor's new book "Play Better Croquet"

NEVER! Well, hardly ever
•  An obscure Ozzie coach spells out the thirteen things you should NEVER do in International Rules play.

"Balls out" strategy in the American rules game: a player's odyssey
•  Mik Mehas gives abundant anecdotal evidence in defense of an opening once frowned upon but now embraced by many top players.

Referees - where are we going?
•  Australia's national referee examines the role of this official in both mundane and elite-level play and makes some modest proposals

For American players only:
Robert Fulford on learning International rules
•  The world champion teaches International rules play by using the USCA rules as a departure point.

The Willis Setting
•  The shape of the modern court was first proposed in 1904, amidst heated debate on many "remedies" for making the game more difficult and interactive.

 Coaching & Instruction
Turning practice & drill into fun & games
Everybody wins in these entertaining contests of skill
USCA Croquet Playbook: by Jeff Soo
#1 How to make leaves
Coaching the Fundamentals of the Stroke by John Riches
#10 Do you have the right address?
#9 Inside The Rectangle
#8 Roqueting: Swinging in line & Do you suffer from cramp?
#7 Obey the "ten commandments" and train your own coach
#6 Practise Playing Seriously
#5 The Basics of the Rush
#4 Peels without Hoops
#3 Why Do I Miss?
#2 Some Points on Hoop Making
#1 How "wristy" is your swing?

Q & A on playing the game
#4 Top players offer their favorite drills.
#3 What one thing can players do to improve their game?
#2 Getting The Most From Coaching
by John Taves
#1 The Rushing Drill
by Jerry Stark

Nate's Notes & Practice Drills  by Mike "Nate" Weimerskirch, USCA Director of Croquet - from the USCA Croquet Bulletin
Oxford Croquet: Coaching Notes  Beginning and intermediate coaching notes and more by Dr Ian Plummer, etal.
Teaching and Learning Croquet Techniques  by Kevin Brereton
"Backyard Croquet"— Can the game be rehabilitated?
Bob Kroeger and Bob Alman examine the possibilities

 Director's Corner
  for Event Managers & Directors
Oxford Croquet: Refereeing  by Dr Ian Plummer
John Taylor's Excel-based Tournament Software creates beautifully designed ladders and schedules for a complete tournament program.

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