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 T H E   N E W S 
Organizing croquet at the University of Virginia University of Virginia Sports logo
•  Jacques Fournier, one of the World's finest, brings his best to the University of Virginia, and the big winner is collegiate croquet.

National Croquet Center lawns open in the raw
•  Nothing is finished, but everything exceeds expectations.

Croquet Elbow": its causes and treatment
•  A physiotherapist offers advice on managing one of the most common injuries in the sport.

The Open is over, but the
games go on
•  Why the San Francisco Open was retired at its peak: a personal retrospective.

"Launch Season" set for the National Croquet Center
•  Building and event plans mesh for November 21 lawn debut and "official opening" celebration in January.

New Laws unveiled amidst continuing debate
•  They're online, longer than ever, and due to be augmented by a "Talmud" of commentary, rulings, interpretations, and analysis.

How they (almost) did it
•  While the Yanks won an oddsmaker's tossup in Christchurch at the MacRobertson 2000 test series, the Kiwis came within an inch of defeating the presumably invincible British team.

A national home and a new vision for American croquet
•  Construction has begun in West Palm Beach, and the games begin in November.

Purse stats for '99
•  The 13-year totals for 261 players prove conclusively: they're not in the sport for the money.

Notes from a croquet virgin
•  She dropped in to watch the Calzona matches; she went to the party; she came back the next day; then she wrote this article

Croquet's last American frontier: Central Mississippi
•  A native son reports, "If the sport can take root here, it can grow everywhere."

Grand Prix Update:
Grand Prix finale ranks best events, best players of 1997
John Osborn holds on to "best player" rating, and both USCA nationals gain stature as strongest tourneys.

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