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Advertising is accepted solely at the discretion of the Editor. We reserve the right to pull any ad at any time for any reason and refund the unexpired time on a prorated basis. All advertising must be accompanied by a signed insertion order and payment. Unless otherwise specified, advertising goes online within four weeks of receipt of complete materials.

Billboard Hot Link to your Home Page

Your Billboard Hot Link will rotate continously through both the Websites "Croquet in America" and "Croquet World Online Magazine," positioned in most cases near the top of the left and right columns and prominently viewable by virtually all visitors to these popular Websites. A click anywhere on your Billboard takes the viewer directly to your own Web page.The Billboard Hot Link measures approximately 120 x 180 pixels, vividly hi-lighted and with color. Your billboard ad my include your logo or other art work you submit via email or postal mail. You may compose your ad according to the specifications above or submit the materials to us to compose for you, for no extra charge.)
3 months
6 months
12 months

AN EXTENDED LISTING IN THE DIRECTORY OF MANUFACTURERS, SUPPLIERS, AND SERVICE PROVIDERS consisting of up to 200 words of copy directly below the BASIC LISTING is available for a one-time fee of $100.00, with a $25.00 fee for any subsequent copy changes.

Nonprofit U.S.C.A. clubs are linked by request at no charge from CROOUET IN AMERICA's DIRECTORY OF USCA CLUBS, HOTELS, RESORTS AND MULTI-SPORTS FACILITIES. In exchange, we request only a prominent counter-link.

AGENCY COMMISSION: (if applicable) 15 %. Net 30 days. Payment must be received before advertising goes online.

Terms: FULL PAYMENT BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER IS REQUIRED BEFORE ADS GO ONLINE. After the editor confirms by email the terms of your ad, mail full payment by check along with your art materials (if applicable) to:


National Croquet Center
700 Florida Mango Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

E-Mail questions to Bob Alman, Editor, at

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