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Bob Chilton
•  Bob Chilton, a major benefactor of many worthy causes, passes away following a deadly car crash in West Palm Beach on Sunday night. He was driving home after games at the National Croquet Center. His hometown newspaper in a Dallas suburb rememberd him this way, and CroquetWorld links to one of several articles on his favorite activity, besides croquet: photography.

My life in Art, Part 2
•  This accounting of one of the sport's most visible artists is provided by the artist himself, John Prince, along with his art, which continues to diversify and evolve.

My life in Art
Words and pictures by John Prince
•  PART ONE: John Prince is surely the sport's most visible artist, published often in these cyberpages. This accounting of his development as an artist was completed as easily as was his earlier croquet memoir, one of the most popular articles published here.

Improving your stroke
•  A consistent stroke is well worth practicing if you're interested in getting better results in your games and in competition. Dan Pailas could show you how a detailed insight into the mechanics of the stalk and the swing could bolster your on-court confidence.

Part Four: The Alman Memoir
Organizing the Florida Center
•  Great expectations were actualized in programs and events jointly planned by Bob Alman with Chuck Steuber and Archie Peck--only to be terminally skewed after about nine months.

Interviewing "Dorothy Rush"
•  The infamous prognostications of Mrs. Rush are plumbed by her discoverer in this manicured Croquet Gazette reprint from the year 2000.

Tony Hall's croquet memoir
•  PART ONE: Discovering croquet after retirement from the army in 1989, the Australian embarked upon a globe-trotting lifestyle which would segue into the presidency of the world body for the sport, at a critical time in its development.

The amazing CB Smith
•  Rhys Thomas examines the character and against-the-grain exploits of one of America's croquet originals.

A chat with David McCoy
•  He's guy who in 2007-08 rescued the National Croquet Center from an almost certain demise and is still working hard behind the scenes to guarantee its future.

Alman Memoir, Part Three:
Moving to South Florida
•  For a year or so, the Florida work was incremental. Finally, he saw that managing the National Croquet Center was what he had been preparing for, for years.

America has a new wunderkind
•  Blake Fields just turned 13, and already he is playing in major finals of Golf Croquet and competing well in Association Croquet.

Remembering Neil Spooner
•  Rhys Thomas recalls the highs and lows of Neil Spooner's life, and especially his time at Sonoma-Cutrer in California, teaching us our own game.

Bob Alman Memoir, Part Two
•  Reinventing himself and setting out into the world, he organizes America's first two-court club on public turf.

Letters to the Club
•  This collective memoir from members of the San Francisco Croquet Club in its glory years may say as much about the generics of remembered youth as about the sport.

R.I.P., Mik Mehas
•  He became croquet's celebrated "bad boy" when the sport needed publicity. This recollection of Rhys Thomas is largely about how Mehas created and managed his own legend.

Spooner's Croquet Memoir, Part III
•  The heart of the adventure includes seven years at Sonoma-Cutrer, winning and managing other croquet tournaments, and finally returning to Australia.

Part Two, Spooner Memoir
•  Spooner's buddies saw him restored to respectability by the ACA in the 80's, with sufficient player creds to get him invited to America to manage the sport at Sonoma-Cutrer.

Part One, by Neil Spooner
•  An extraordinary Australian champion details the journey through life and croquet that would lead to a remarkable career as one of America's first imported pros.

The Bob Alman Memoir
•  This third-person fragment by the founding editor of this magazine could serve as a "how to" for other and more distinguished croquet personalities still alive, breathing, and remembering.

Two decades later
•  Mike Orgill and Bob Alman interview each other again, twenty years after this magazine began, survey the changes in the sport worldwide, and agonize over the global ascendancy of Trumpism.

My Hall of Fame speech
•  Our editor writes an off-the-podium speech about the three inductees into the 2015 Croquet Foundation of America's Hall of Fame.

Talking with the new champ
•  Tournament Director Tim King chats with the winner of the Women's World Championship of Golf Croquet in Cairo on the morning after the final.

Interviewing Jeff Soo
•  Croquet's all-time leader in American-rules national titles believes he hasn't peaked yet as a player.

Croquet's Bibliographer
David Drazin 1931 - 2014
•  One of the most generous spirits in croquet--both a gentleman and a scholar--died the first of May, 2014, at his home in England.

Easter Picture Story
•  The resurrection of nature can be celebrated with cakes, bonnets, and croquet....and with cakes elaborately decorated to resemble croquet and bonnets, and...

Chatting with Danny and Ben
•  Courtside at the Selection Eights, the two top-ranked American players talked about their professional goals, the American International Team, and the future of the sport.

The French exit interview
•  Martin French spent 34 months inventing, streamlining, and managing the sometimes cumbersome processes of the World Croquet Federation as Secretary-General, and now it's Stephen Mulliner's turn.

Partnering Louis Jourdan
•  The place was the Breakers in Palm Beach, the period was the early nineties, the opponents were Jack Osborn and Herb Swope, and nothing short of total victory would do.

All about the Nottingham Board
•  The creator and moderator of croquet's best-know global email newsgroup answers questions about its purpose, value, and management.

Mark McInerney,
Irish World Champion
•  The winningest Golf Croquet player this side of Egypt explains in an interview how he makes it happen.

ELLERY: The passing of a patron
•  The impact of Ellery McClatchy's support of USCA croquet for three decades can hardly be overestimated. This is our tribute to a gentle, generous, proud and private benefactor.

A 48-hour game of Golf Croquet
•  It's not easy to survive a double lung transplant or set an official world record for the longest golf croquet game. Maggie Cowman has done both.

"Goodbye, Victoria!
Hello, Cambodia!"
•  Beginning a new life in another country and giving up croquet is one man's way of ending a long personal war with officialdom. His name is Simon Watkins.

Croquet East:
breakthrough or passing fancy?
•  A new London club breaks most of the rules and with missionary zeal attracts growing throngs of mostly 20-somethings to weekly games on rough turf in Victoria Park.

Khaled Younis,
once and future champion
•  Former teammate Mohammad Kamal celebrates the career of a three-time world champion forced to sit out the 2011 Golf Croquet World Championship in England.

Libby Newell:
The polite story and the truth
•  She died at 91 in relative obscurity 25 years after her induction into the American Hall of Fame. Neither her life nor her death has been accurately described - until now.

The artist in exile
•  A politically-generated scandal in 1902 broadened the worldwide stage of the German artist Christian Wilhelm (C.W.) Allers, whose wealthy clients sometimes commissioned croquet-based portraits.

Jerry: The early years
(and then some)
•  A long-time friend of now-deceased croquet pro Jerry Stark tracks their parallel ascents from high school into the top ranks of croquet.

Rothman and Grimsley
finish 1-2 in 2009 Grand Prix
•  As America's winningest partnership, they'll compete for the top trophy in many 2010 events and fuel the USCA team effort at the MacRobertson Shield in England.

Diane Blow 1936-2009
•  The croquet family loses an accomplished, beloved and generous member.

Straight talk: a courtside chat
with Australia's Liz Fleming
•  The opinions in this long and lively interview are rooted in personal experience and range from gender bias to many forms of organizational dysfunction.

Croquet's Bad Boy
has left the courts
•  Mik Mehas died in California on July 12, 2009, and no one will ever take his place in the sport of croquet.

The USCA's four-year transition
•  The editor interviews the outgoing and incoming presidents of the USCA at a difficult time for the croquet world and the planet.

The game and the art of collecting
•  First he learned to play. Then he built the biggest croquet collection in private hands. Now he�s giving it away. Interview by David Appleton.

Ben Rothman�s breakthrough year
•  The 24-year-old reveals his ambition to become world champion and a full-time croquet pro in this courtside chat with Bob Alman.

Chuck Steuber: 1920 - 2008
•  The magnificent legacy of the National Croquet Center's founder and guiding spirit has yet to be fully realized.

Williams & Clarke: The First Couple of Croquet
•  Winning title after title both individually and as partners, their activities and interests are global, but they're planning to marry and settle in Christchurch.

Remembering the Marsacs:
1915 to 2007
•  To croquet players in many countries, they embodied the best qualities of a genteel sport.

My life in croquet: Part Three
•  John Prince concludes his new memoir with an account of his playing career from 1974 to 2006 and his multiplying interests as an artist, coach, and family man.

My life in croquet: Part Two
•  In the decade following John Prince's meteoric rise in the mid 60's, he was expected to win every event he entered. He came close to hitting that mark.

My life in croquet: Part One
•  New Zealand's John Prince opens this new memoir with an account of his rapid rise in the sport to win his first major titles at the age of 17.

Celebrating a life beautifully lived
•  John Young, ninth-generation Bermudian, pioneered croquet on the island of his ancestors and left behind a rich legacy of many parts .

John Riches: back from the wilderness
•  An expert on the laws of croquet returns to civilized discourse after two years of missionary work on a primitive South Pacific island.

Bryan Lloyd-Pratt and
The Croquet Gazette
•  James Hawkins recounts the brief and spectacularly politically incorrect editorial reign of one of croquet's most brilliant eccentrics.

John Taylor's croquet legacy
•  In mid July he passed away and left behind croquet friends the world over as well as the famous "Taylors list" and Excel workbooks for tournament directors.

Moving the WCF to center stage
•  Brian Storey, the World Croquet Federation�s new Secretary-General, talks with Bob Alman about the sport�s expanding global presence.

A conversation with the sixth USCA president
•  Rich Curtis, incoming chief of the United States Croquet Association, chats with Bob Alman about the past, present, and future of croquet in America.

Remembering croquet�s favorite celebrity
•  Archie Burchfield, a tobacco farmer from Stamping Ground, Kentucky, was beloved of players everywhere and a darling of the mainstream media in the 80�s.

A courtside chat with Jerry Stark & John Taves
•  They live at the top of the American rankings, and they fit croquet into their lives in very different ways.

A Neil Williams Retrospective
•  A great friend of croquet and a first-rate interviewer of legendary figures in the sport has died in England. Croquet World recalls five Williams' interviews: with Solomon, Aspinall, Openshaw, Fulford, and Curry

Tom McDonnell: 1927-2003
•  Croquet's western impressario leaves behind clubs and courts that he brought into being and a host of friends to tend his legacy

The Silver Spur interview
•  �Why I spend my nights in a maintenance shed in West Palm Beach�

A courtside chat with Reg Bamford
•  The world champion talks about his country, his game, his training regimen, and the future of golf croquet.

Gail Curry & The Sextuple Experience
•  Only one woman has performed a sextuple peel in competition - in early August of 2001. Here�s Gail Curry's story in her own words followed by more words from her in a Neil Williams interview.

Don Fournier, Sr. * 1934 - 2000
•  The legacy of the godfather of Arizona croquet includes a large family of croquet players and a resurgence of the sport in the Valley of the Sun.

Talking croquet with David Openshaw
•  Neil Williams interviews the winningest playing captain in all of British sport.

Tony Hall takes center stage
•  Pausing in the midst of a 22-country tour, the popular president of the WCF talks about the problems and promise of organizing croquet as a worldwide sport.

Talking croquet with Robert Fulford
•  Neil Williams plumbs the life of the four-time world champion who rules croquet and anchors a formidable British team bound for glory in Christchurch

Neil Williams interviews Nigel Aspinall
•  The player who inherited in the seventies Solomon's mantle as the best player in the sport recalls his 20 years at the top and surveys croquet's future.

Neil Williams interviews John Solomon
•  This legendary player and coach, ambassador, promotor and policy maker is eyewitness to 50 years of croquet history.

Croquet - how was it for you?
•  John Solomon, in the inaugural "Solomon Lecture", looks back over 50 years in the sport and surveys the prospects ahead.

Remembering Stephen Badger, 1940-1997
•  Sue Best and John Solomon honor the life and achievements of the late chariman of the English Croquet Association.

"Web Babies"
•  They're the next generation of star players and the beginnings of a new global croquet boom. They discovered the sport of 6-wicket croquet on the World Wide Web, and they seem to share a lot of other characteristics as well. We started calling them "Web Babies," and the name stuck.

Courtside chats with the Star Players
Jeff Soo
Liz Fleming
Ben Rothman
John Taves
& Jerry Stark
Reg Bamford
Chris Clarke
Robert Fulford
Debbie Cornelius
Tony Stephens
Wayne Rodoni
Interviews with the Organizers
Brian Storey,
WCF Secretary-General
Chris Williams,
Co-Proprietor, World Croquet Federation Ranking List
Tony Hall,
former WCF president
Chris Hudson,
Chris Hudson, founding Secretary General, WCF
The Editors Interview Themselves
Why are we doing this?
The editors of Croquet World Online interview themselves
Hawkins joins Alman as co-editor
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