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 T H E   N E W S 
Is Arizona in revolt...again?
•  Arizona Open 2000's unauthorized "experimental advanced rules" trigger shock waves throughout the USCA

The fight for third place
•  The Australian and American captains assess their teams' prospects in MacRob 2000, where for the first time the Yanks are given fighting odds to break out of the cellar.

Florida pols okay U.S.C.A. HQ complex Headquarter's flag
•  On ten acres in West Palm Beach, a 15,000 square foot headquarters building surrounded by 12 championship croquet courts will set a new world standard for the sport.

The 1999 Grand Prix has begun!
•  This unique system reports player performance in all USCA sanctioned singles and doubles events in American and International rules.

Previewing the big ones out West
•  They share the spotlight in late spring: Sonoma-Cutrer World's, the USCA Golf Croquet Nationals, The Resort at the Mountain Invitational, and the Solomon Trophy.

Tony Hall tapped for president of World Croquet Federation
•  The affable globe-trotting Ozzie takes on his biggest challenge as spokesman and ambassador for an organization with ambitious goals, slight funding, and daunting organizational problems

California's Sonoma-Cutrer cuts a deal with Kentucky-based Brown-Forman
•  Though many millions will change hands, winery president Brice Jones says he and the croquet lawns will stay in place.

Bob Jackson wins NZ Open...again
•  A living legend took the singles title for the 13th time, while Beale and Prince scrambled to the top in doubles

Sonoma-Cutrer Winery is on the auction block
•  Local press reports confirm rumors of investors pressing for a lucrative sale, making uncertain the future of croquet at this world championship venue

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