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A picture postcard
from Leo Nikora
from Adelaide

Posted April 29, 2012

Leo Nikora lives and plays croquet at Mission Hills in Southern California, the second-largest playing venue in the United States. He's also the admirably diligent webmaster of the USCA's official website. He and other members of the American contingent promised to send some reports. We didn't expect a report in this form, but we're happy to share it.

27 May 2012
South Australia Croquet Association
Adelaide, South Australia

The opening ceremony of the World Championship was held today [Friday] at the South Australia Croquet Association headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

The flags of the eleven nations were raised.

The Wimbledon Cup was displayed.

Accompanied by a marching band...

...each country’s players marched out onto the field in front of the president of the World Croquet Federation, and the governor of South Australia

The croquet lawns were blessed.

The tournament was declared open.

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