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Cartoon by Jack Shotton

Response to "WOMEN IN COMPETITIVE CROQUET" has included comments from several e-mail correspondents (who asked not to be quoted by name) to the effect that the comparatively few women who DO reach the top tend to be "superbitches".

Is this the way to describe the qualitities women need to reach the top? If so, it is reasonable to suppose that their male counterparts needed to be "super bastards" to succeed in the sport. I don't think so.

It seems to me more likely that some men see top women competitors - women who beat them - as "superbitches" because they feel it shouldn't happen, that this is not a proper way for a woman to behave.

Do "superbitches" have an inborn ability to win at croquet? Or are good women players unfairly nominated "superbitches" BECAUSE they win?

--Bob Alman, Editor




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